Award nominations, press releases, case studies, and event presentations in which your customer is the hero and your product helps them save the world.
Make your customers shine with powerful storytelling
Empower advocates to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and share their positive experience with your prospects
Showcase your heroes in elegant media productions
Initiate meaningful conversations with your clients and prospects through relevant social media content
Communicate the positives of your brand to the world

Do you want to increase market share?

Link prospects and customers! Leverage your clients' excellent experience to reinforce your sales message. Get started now!

Do you need to create go-to-market momentum?

Get customers talking about you! We can help you identify the right evangelists and make the most of their time. Start shining!

Do you wish to revamp your advocacy program?

We are experienced in creating content, managing relationships, and coordinating strategic activities. Let us help!

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Customer Advocacy Matters

In the age of social media and on-tap information, we see fundamental changes in purchasing behavior. B2B buyers conduct independent research long before they connect with potential vendors. Genuine customer opinions and reviews posted outside vendor websites have a huge impact on purchasing decisions across all industries.

Word-of-mouth recommendations influence purchasing decisions even before sales force engagement   

Prospects are more likely to buy from providers who can quantify the business impact of their solution

B2B marketers say customer testimonials are more influential in the decision-making process than any other activity

Our advocacy marketing programs leverage your customers' inclination to say good things about your products and services, and turn them into your organization's most valued sales enablers.

We focus on creating advocate-owned content that your evangelists can proactively share with their social network giving credibility to success stories and enhancing your marketing message.

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