Advocacy Consulting

Advocacy Consulting

Starting up or just upgrading? We help you build and enhance impactful advocacy marketing programs that keep your customers engaged in a variety of activities.

Satisfied customers willing to serve as references for your new prospects often make the difference between winning and losing the sale.

Market research shows that 90% of your customers would be willing to give referrals if they were asked. But only 11% of your sales reps ask. Make it easier for them with a program that empowers them to have the right conversation at each stage of the customer’s lifecycle.

We help you evaluate your program and target the customer advocates who will highlight your priority products and services.

We help you optimize marketing budgets by creating multiple types of content from a single customer interview, creating multiple go-to-market messages for the same content, and linking you to other partners for joint advocacy marketing content.

Our experts work with you to create a consistent strategy for content creation and brand messaging.

We give you the right tools for your reps to go out and recruit an army of customer advocates.


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