Advocacy Content Strategy

Advocacy Content Strategy

Do you think it takes not more but better content to break through the noise? Empower your customers to speak about your brand and service.

We are mavens of multilingual advocacy and reference content. We help you build impactful advocacy marketing programs that keep your customers engaged in a variety of activities.

We have extensive experience in customer advocacy programs, media content, event management, and localization. And nothing excites us more than experimenting with new ways to spread the word about your products and services. So let’s create together.

The business case for a customer advocacy program to show your executives what you plan to get done, how you plan to achieve your goals and how your organization will benefit.

The internal and external communication templates you need to start inviting customers and to ask sales reps for involvement.

The editorial calendar and a list of target distribution channels for your content so that your program stays on track.

The review plan to help you optimize and modernize your program continuously while showing its value internally.


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