Advocacy Services Catalogue

Advocacy Consulting

Starting up or just upgrading? We help you build and enhance impactful advocacy marketing programs that keep your customers engaged in a variety of activities. Learn more.

Social Customer Advocacy
Create the right graphics and calls to action for each social media channel. Teach your customers how to broadcast them for maximum impact. Learn more.
Search Engine Optimization
Your content is useless if search engines don’t pick it up. We can help. Learn more.
External Communications
We can help build the invitations and the messaging you need to recruit more advocates. Learn more.
When your customers present one, you can create amazing engagement from prospects and replace costly 1:1 interactions. Learn more.
Reference booklets
By industry, region, product, buyer persona or whatever criteria matter to your business. Learn more.
Whitepapers and Datasheets
Always harder-hitting and more informative when customer opinion is included. We capture product team and early adopter points of view to educate your markets and generate leads. Learn more.
Video Scripts
Paying a fortune for videos but your speakers are not fully transmitting your marketing message? We can interview them, understand their challenges and benefits, and arrive at a joint message that boosts your and their brands sky high. Learn more.
Everything Marketing
We don’t do everything. We are advocacy mavens and that’s all we do. But we have a broad network of partners that can address all your marketing needs. We manage the relationship and provide you with a single point of accountability. Learn more.
Advocacy Outsourcing

The size of your program doesn’t justify hiring resources that can cover a variety of customer languages and time zones? We can give you a hand with global coverage. Learn more.

Written Customer Advocacy
Help your technology-savvy advocates transform the details of their deployment from a list of components into a story of business success. Learn more.
Marketing Content Localization
Make your customer stories resonate with multiple markets and cultures. Learn more.
Internal Communication
Create compelling messages that help your sales reps to involve their managed accounts into the advocacy program. Learn more.
Need speakers to explain your products and services to the market? We help you identify the ones with know-how and charisma. Learn more.
Logo Seas
By industry, region, product or whatever criteria matter to your business. Learn more.
Executive briefs
In 2 minutes help your executives make the most of their interaction with your evangelists by understanding their past challenges and how your solution benefited their business. Learn more.
Need a hand in putting the program brand together? We can create user friendly web pages for your program and maximize the views of your content. Learn more.
Advocacy Content Strategy

Do you believe it takes quality of content rather than quantity to break through the noise? Empower your customers to speak about your brand and service. Learn more.

Media Customer Advocacy
Video conversion rates consistently outperform all other marketing content. We help you build quality customer videos at common sense prices. Learn more.
Related Marketing Content
White papers, datasheets, thought leadership articles, event presentations, etc. Learn more.
We help you organize small networking gatherings to give advocates what was promised in the program outline and close a few deals in the process. Learn more.
Content review
Already have some old stories that need a makeover? Let our designers and editors handle it. Learn more.
Event handouts
Create the perfect hand-outs by including customer testimonials to complement the features of your products and services. Learn more.
Apps, Software
Not sure where to start? We can advise on the right software to use and connect you with some of our most trusted partners. Learn more.