Full Service Customer Marketing Agency

We pride ourselves on delivering compelling customer marketing solutions that help our clients interact and engage with their customers in the best possible way.

Advocacy Consulting

Starting up or upgrading? We help you build and enhance impactful advocacy marketing programs that keep your customers engaged in a variety of activities.

Advocacy Outsourcing

Your program size does not justify hiring resources that can cover a variety of customer languages and time zones? We can give a hand with global coverage.

Advocacy Content Strategy

Do you think it takes not more but better content to break through the noise? Empower your customers to speak about your brand and service.

Social Customer Advocacy

Create the right graphics and calls to action for each social media channel. Teach your customers how to broadcast for maximum impact.

Written Customer Advocacy

Help your technology savvy advocates transform the details of their deployment from a list of components into a story of business success.

Media Customer Advocacy

Video conversion rates consistently outperform all other marketing content. We help you build quality customer videos at common sense cost.

Search Engine Optimization

Your content is useless if search engines do not pick it up. We can help.

Marketing Content Localization

Make your customer stories resonate with multiple cultures.

Related Marketing Content

Whitepapers, datasheets, thought leadership articles, event presentations, etc.

Strategy and Experience Generate Results

Our multilingual team of journalists, engineers, and marketing communication professionals, who have profound knowledge across numerous industries, develops customer advocacy content across the entire information technology stack in 38 languages—including Arabic, English, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Founded by customer engagement experts, ADVOCACY MAVEN is committed to showcasing your success.


Make your customers shine with powerful storytelling


Showcase your heroes in elegant media productions


Communicate the positive role your brand is playing

Not a Technology Vendor? We can still help!

Are you an advocate that supports technology manufacturers, distributers, and implementers in getting their message to market?

Take the lead in showcasing your expertise. Make your organization shine in case studies and media productions that boost your brand. We can broker those relationships and promote your best interests. Engage us!
We help you identify opportunities to advocate successful projects within your technology landscape to convey your own messaging and your own brand to your target market
We work with your marketing experts to create your organization’s strategy for advocacy content and messaging that appeal to your target prospects and get you the maximum return on invested time
We enable your marketers to leverage vendor budget for advertising your brand, your products, and your services
We help you identify and train the right individuals within your organization who can present your business and technical challenges and solutions to journalists for content creation

Are you a tech consultant and want your contribution to be covered by technology vendors in their content?

Would you like their evangelists to mention consultant involvement in the project? We create awareness around your involvement by leveraging our vendor network to get you the recognition you deserve. Drop us a line!
We help you evaluate your successful deployments and recruit the customer advocates who will highlight your key contribution
We help you leverage vendor marketing budgets for joint advocacy marketing content
Our experts work with you to create a consistent strategy for content creation and brand messaging
We represent your interest with the vendor’s marketing team to make sure your role is fully represented within their customer reference or advocacy assets

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