Written Customer Advocacy

Written Customer Advocacy

Help your technology savvy advocates transform the details of their deployment from a list of components into a story of business success.

Do you want to get endorsed by your customers, support your favorite suppliers, or help your peers choose the right IT solutions? Whatever your goal, we’re happy to back you up.

Our multilingual team of journalists, engineers, and marketing communication consultants develops customer reference and media content across the entire information technology stack in 30 languages to support your global reach.

Bandwidth and scalability for high volumes and cross-channel types of content.

Message consistency and quality control across various format, full adoption of your branding guidelines.

End-to-end process management: from interview to approval , giving you time to recruit even more advocates.

High-quality copywriting based on industry and technology expertise. Your customer is always the hero of the story, technology is just an enabler.


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