We turn happy customers, employees, partners, and fans into your best marketing tool.

Strategy. Support. Program execution. Platform admin.
Video testimonials and case studies in 30+ languages.

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Helping You Grow by Mobilizing Your Fans!

Our advocacy marketing experts empower you to discover your advocates, invite them into your program, nurture the human-brand relationship to drive engagement, motivate them to do acts of advocacy and amplify the reach of their voice.


Our team of community and reference managers, writers, designers, and producers, focuses exclusively on advocacy marketing in B2B enterprise tech. We understand your challenges.


We collectively speak more than thirty languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


Some things marketing, we don't do. But Advocacy Marketing we do well, end-to-end. We launch programs, manage them, fix them, create content to fuel them, or sunset them ethically.


B2B companies who use inbound get six times more traction. In brand advocacy, inbound tools boost advocate recruitment, program engagement, events, content and activity participation.

What customers say about Advocacy Maven:​

Global Programs Management

Our HQ is in Europe and our team is 100% remote. This allows us to hire the best creatives and meet your needs and those of your advocates. We have flexibility in the hours we choose to work, and where do we decide to work from, so we can be there for your team, wherever you are based. 

We connect the dots and bring a productivity boost to global teams by managing projects across time zones

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Multilingual Content Creation

Execute programs globally with our team of strategists, marketers, journalists, designers, video producers, linguists, and community managers. We collectively speak more than thirty languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. 

We navigate advocate requirements, language barriers, legal approvals, and branding guidelines, leveraging 15 years of experience to empower your advocacy program. 

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Reach Your Advocacy Targets

At the core of our business are your clients, your employees, and your partners. They create and innovate, build impactful solutions, make technologies and research available globally, solve real problems, and create positive experiences.

We help you celebrate them and spotlight their success. We recruit, onboard, conduct interviews, manage communities, design amazing content, and bring positive experiences and impactful stories to light.

Some of the stories we had the privilege to be part of:

Services our Advocacy Marketing Experts Deliver:

Strategy and Consulting

Not sure where to start your advocacy program? We align customer feedback with your goals, structure everything into work streams and create an actionable yet agile game plan.

Program Setup and Launch

Create a new advocacy program to inspire passionate engagement with your brand. Align the goals of the program with your sales, marketing, support, and product development.

Program Management

Bring in specialized advocacy resources to complement your marketing team on specific tasks or outsource the entire program. Execute and track the results consistently.

Multilingual Content Creation

Help your advocates share their brand experience with the world. We capture video, build animations, write text, and create relevant designs in 30+ languages and for any platform

Advocate Support

The biggest barrier to advocacy is lack of time and the second biggest is lack of confidence. Outsource their effort. Empower your advocates with expert coaching and ghost writing.

Advocacy Marketing Training

Adding resources? Changing roles? Lopping in stakeholders? Or building an entire new advocacy team? No problem! We help you bring everyone up to speed quickly.

Technologies our advocacy experts can use to support your program:

Advocacy marketing is a strategy that aims to identify and leverage satisfied customers, engaged employees, trusted partners, and other advocates to promote a brand’s products or services. The goal of advocacy marketing is to highlight positive experiences and communicate them in a way that creates a marketing and selling impact, ultimately leading to increased brand reach and business outcomes. To succeed in advocacy marketing, a brand must prioritize delivering high-quality products and services, nurturing relationships with its community, and building strong win-win relationships with customers, employees, partners, and contributors.

In many companies the term “advocacy marketing” really means “customer advocacy marketing”. As a result, those brands only focus on customer voice. Reviews, testimonials, event speakers, and referrals are the only profitable acts of advocacy for the brand. Satisfied customers are great! 

But so are happy employees. And your partner network. Or your alumni.  

Word-of-mouth is ancient. Word-of-mouth occurs everywhere whether we like it or not. It’s in the fabric of human interaction. People have always talked about their experiences, emotions, and needs. Everyone your brand interacts with can be your advocate. And advocacy programs can change the way you grow.

Advocacy marketing may overlap with your other programs — loyalty, references, referrals, social media, community management, customer success, or client support. Of course. All these programs also target your engaged employees, trusted partners, valued customers, proactive developers.
The challenge in many organizations though, is that all these programs sit in different lines of business. Different leaders, with different visions, measure the KPIs with different yardsticks. And often, the people you need to have on your side, your internal and external fans, receive too many asks. So they start disliking the experience.
Your advocacy marketing program can be an overarching blueprint by pulling resources together in a single vision.  
Advocacy marketing programs drive brand loyalty:

A dedicated program for customer, employee, partner, or other types of advocacy, has many advantages. You can ask and receive feedback. Or you can share product news and corporate updates. You can collect innovative ideas. Or you can educate and inspire these communities. As a result, you will see increased revenue from repeat business, up-sell, and cross-sell. Or increased revenue from resellers. And last but not least, decreased costs with recruitment and retaining employees.

Advocacy marketing programs expand the reach of your brand message:

Paid media becomes more expensive and ineffective every day. Thus, brands need to look to other channels to communicate their marketing messages. That channel for a lot of brands is advocacy marketing. And for good reason. Brands see 800% more engagement on posts shared by employees, when compared to the same posts shared by official brand accounts. And they see 650% ROI for every dollar invested in influencer and advocacy marketing.

Advocacy marketing programs generate new business through referrals:

Having an army of customer, employee, and other advocates, is a goldmine. Online businesses get 60% of their sales thanks to referrals from advocates and fans. 82% of consumers proactively seek referrals from peers before making a purchasing decision. And they are more loyal to the chosen brand if they purchased based on a referral.

Advocacy marketing programs put new leads in your funnel and help close existing deals:

88% of people trust online reviews written by other customers as much as they trust guidance from personal contacts. Your advocate community can generate the reviews people look for early in their research. They can also produce the references and the case studies your sales reps need to advance the pipeline and close deals faster.

Your brand advocates support their peers, thus deflecting support costs:

According to IBM, businesses across the world spend over $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls each year. Besides that, companies spend money supporting internal requests as well. Such as routine questions employees have for the HR team, or partners have for their channel support. Advocate programs can buddy experienced customers, partners, or employees with less experienced peers. This helps the newbies through onboarding steps, thus deflecting costs from other departments.

Advocacy Maven is a full-service advocacy marketing agency. We specialize in marketing strategies that identify your customer, employee, and partner fans. Then we enroll them in advocating for your brand, product, or cause, thus boosting your reach and results.
In our full-service advocacy marketing agency capacity, Advocacy Maven specializes in:
– launching advocacy programs,
– recruiting and onboarding advocates,
– managing advocate communities,
– telling stories of customer success in case studies, blogs, videos, etc.,
– referral driven lead generation,
references, reviews, surveys, analyst relations, event speaking, press interviews.
Thus, we differentiate from digital marketing agencies who focus on web design, PPC, SEO, SMM, and ads.