Looking to launch or revamp a Customer Advocacy Marketing or Employee Engagement Program?

We have your back. Our team of advocacy mavens helps you discover, nurture and engage brand ambassadors. We provide all the power you need to create and execute beautiful content in more than 30 languages.

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Full Service Advocacy Marketing Programs Boutique

Programs strategy, software, recruitment, campaigns, content, outsourced admins, and training. Globally.


Identify your brand advocates. Set strategic goals. Define program targets and metrics.


Enlist our mavens in program setup, program management and advocate recruitment.


Create premium content to educate your audience and showcase your advocates.

Our Services

Enlist Your Customers

From a strategy workshop or a few hours of task-based help all the way to outsourcing your entire program globally: We have the team and the tools to make it happen. We also produce case studies, video testimonials, infographics, event decks, press releases, award nominations and any other collateral you want to try out.

Engage Your Employees

The business world is changing faster than ever. And as your organization fights for to stay ahead of the market, your strategy needs adjustment. But real change is only possible with buy-in from your employees. They need to understand your vision and be inspired. We help you drive cultural change and advocacy.

Empower All Advocates

This suite of services assists your valued advocates with training, advice, and practical support for their reference activities.
Help your employees, social influencers, speakers, advisers, feedback providers, and user group leaders grow their business or career. They will reward you with priceless word-of-mouth, increased reach on social, valuable brand exposure, introductions, and referrals.

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Fuel Your Enterprise with Advocate Energy

Our clients are technology marketers: storytellers of customer innovation, leadership and success. They hire us to:

  • Build their customer and employee advocacy programs, select the right tools and set the right metrics.
  • Complement their reference recruitment teams with our multilingual advocacy mavens.
  • Staff their internal team that supports sales, marketing, HR, PR, product and partner requests.
  • Create case studies and video testimonials, montages, infographics and guest blogs, and prepare event decks.
  • Empower their advocates to become better speakers, feedback providers and thought leaders.
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3 Cool Facts About Advocacy Maven

  • Our location allows the team to cover APAC in the morning hours, EMEAR mid-day, and the Americas in the afternoon. We connect the dots and bring a productivity boost to global teams that find it hard to work together.
  • What we 💜 about technology: how it empowers people. We always dig deeper until we discover how technology made peoples' lives better.
  • We collectively speak more than 30 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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Stories We Told

We have worked with many brands to uncover their innovative use of technology and showcase how it has improved the lives of customers, employees and communities. Get inspired by checking out their achievements!