12 Persuasive Video Testimonial Examples We Love and Why

Business relationships are built on more than just contractual agreements and financial obligations. They rely on trust and human connection. That’s why before making a purchasing decision people tend to look for testimonials and reviews to see if the company is trustworthy.

In older posts, we established that customer testimonial videos are one of the most powerful and effective marketing strategies to grow your brand and attract more clients. We talked about what customer testimonial videos are and how to create them. But a picture is worth a thousand words. And a video even more. Here are 12 persuasive video testimonials we love and hope you will too!

Hewlett Packard

In the video testimonial for HP Indigo, the information technology enterprise Hewlett Packard chose to interview the CEO and president of Flextec Corporation and share his personal, emotional journey that has taken him from facing a serious decline in the volume of orders to incorporating a digital printing solution with the help of HP’s digital press which led to an increase in profit margins by 17%.

The story is that much more powerful as the president of the company, Rocky Rahija, shares how he was faced with the difficult decision of having to fire 60% of the workforce prior to discovering HP Indigo and revamping his business.

Packed with emotions that viewers can relate to, this video testimonial entirely focuses on the entrepreneurial life (riddled with challenges yet extremely rewarding) once great partnerships are established and innovative solutions are adopted.

Bank of America

This testimonial for Bank of America, one of the world’s biggest financial services and investment companies, is created in an open and light atmosphere on behalf of their customer the Boka Restaurant Group in Chicago. But there’s no mention of the bank in the first half of the video, which makes a strong case for how the company wants to be perceived – as the hidden driving force behind Chicago’s most respected restaurant group.

Also, by showing customers in their own, successful yet busy environment as opposed to a bland studio, Bank of America wants its viewers to know that they can focus on “building their dream” while they take care of the rest. The use of words and expressions like “creative”, “has their back” reinforce the fact that by choosing a partnership with the financial institution, they will be understood and supported every step of the way.


HubSpot is a sales and inbound marketing company that provides software solutions for business growth. In this testimonial about its online sales platform, HubSpot chose to feature Will Curran, the founder of their client company Endless Entertainment and share his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. This serves not only as great content but also as an emotional trigger for viewers who can identify with him.

One of the things that HubSpot does extremely well in this video is letting the customer have all the attention. By directing the storyline towards HubSpot helping Endless Entertainment grow, serving as a great tool for measuring ROI for content marketing efforts, the promotional side of the testimonial is kept at a minimum, while the customer’s experience and journey to success steal the spotlight.

The graphic effects and the soundtrack also provide context for the viewers and give the testimonial a nice rhythm which is another proof of it being beautifully pieced together, by a company that knows its craft.


It’s a well-known fact that multiple conference channels and crowded inboxes lead to distractions as well as a lower level of engagement and productivity for the team. The team at Sandwich Video showcases their culture by emphasizing the collaborative and organizational benefits of using Slack for growing teams and telling a fun story at the same time. The message that Slack sends across about the impact of the product on business culture and processes is easily absorbed.

Graphic elements also contribute to the visual demonstration of how the product works and how it integrates with other commonly used pieces of software, increasing  By going against the standards and adopting a creative approach that appeals to their target audience, Slack has managed to deliver its main points in less than 3 minutes.


Nowadays, thinking outside of the box is key for an established brand looking to wow its customers with an epic testimonial that not only delivers the points across but also sticks in the viewers’ minds.

With the “trust in every drop” testimonial from Certified Origins, Oracle, a tech mogul, taps into an important value that its product, Oracle Cloud, helps the client achieve — traceability across all systems and processes involved in producing their extra virgin olive oil, from harvesting to delivery.

Even if the person chosen for the interview is the CIO of the company, Andrea Biagianti, the testimonial doesn’t get into technical details related to the blockchain technology that makes it all possible. Instead it draws the viewers in by appealing to their senses and reinforcing the benefits gained from using the product.  

By choosing to film directly at the factory and in the olive fields, with a superb outdoor landscape, instead of the regular office setting, Oracle raises the bar for technology testimonials and delivers its message in a much more human, emotional way.


Learning how to code might seem like a long, complicated process for most people, especially if they haven’t really had any contact with the programming world. This can act as a barrier and discouraging factor for most people interested in learning more about coding.

Throughout their testimonial, CodeCademy, an online platform that offers free coding classes and empowers its users to change the world by investing in themselves first, tries to attract new users by addressing this powerful objection. But instead of talking about the features of the platform, which would appeal to the viewers’ logic, CodeCademy focuses on the results. Through a simple, emotional storyline and the use of words like magic, imagine, or purpose, CodeCademy inspires its audience to make coding a reality even if they are novices in this field.

This type of testimonial gives the audience the reassurance that it is possible to change their careers for the better or even create a company from scratch like Tommy did – the character of the testimonial picked as a role model.


In this case, Qualtrics, a market research and UX company from Utah, USA, chose to feature JetBlue Airways in their testimonial, leveraging its authority and influence in the airline industry. By addressing a most-common problem of their customers –­ delayed or canceled flights and coming up with a custom solution has enabled the airline to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately win the trust and loyalty of their passengers. This particular testimonial acts as a great proof of concept.

The message they send across is about their expertise that can help stakeholders make better, more accurate business decisions that positively impact their bottom line. Throughout the testimonial, Qualtrics tries to emphasize the great partnership it has with its client, by mentioning the awards the company has helped JetBlue to win. That ties in perfectly with how Qualtrics positions itself as a leading experience management company.


FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting tool created primarily for small business owners. In this case, the person they decided to bring forward and speak on their behalf is also a representative of their audience, interior design entrepreneur Sarah. Due to her charisma, tone, and openness other entrepreneurs can relate to Sarah’s struggles and success journey from the beginning of the video.

The storyline focuses on painting a clear picture related to the administrative struggles faced as an entrepreneur which reassures viewers that the service is worth the investment if they want to spend more time doing what they love most instead of worrying about the billing process.

Another great insight about this testimonial is that it tells Sarah’s story in a natural, authentic way, that celebrates her success and captures all her emotions before and after discovering FreshBooks.


In this testimonial for its Event Streaming Processing solution, SAS, chose to feature an authority figure, representative of its client, Enel Green Power, with a calm, yet mysterious vibe.

The video is slightly technical as there is an intent to make the benefits of the product as clear and tangible as possible, by explaining the problem and the solution in laymen’s terms.

The fact that the testimonial is shot at the facility, with a drone, gives viewers an in-depth perspective of the effort involved and well as the size of the project while keeping technical details to the minimum and focusing instead on the scope of the project — helping companies drive innovation in areas that are changing the world as we speak.


For this testimonial, the exact shots with the company’s most notable negotiation moments make for a compelling, easy to relate to case study. While the script, the soundtracks, the extra information offered regarding date, place and time give the testimonial a fun pace and dynamic. From concept to delivery, the testimonial tries to emphasize not just Cisco’s technical expertise, process for creating the world’s first fully-virtualized, fully-automated, cloud-native mobile network for Rakuten, a Japanese internet and e-commerce company, but also how its customer experience team ensured a smooth and perfect collaboration that overcome cultural barriers and exceeded everyone’s expectations.


Everyone has heard of Amazon, the giant American e-commerce platform that serves millions of customers worldwide through its vast network of partners.

For this testimonial Amazon brings together multiple vendors to emphasize its wide capability area in serving as a strategic partner for scaling emerging businesses. The main goal behind their testimonial is for the companies to grow by providing their best services and leave it to Amazon to take care of logistics through its top-notch operations and transportation systems.

Also, by compiling these testimonials and creating one video testimonial instead of just one, Amazon did a great job at communicating the great impact of its services and consolidating its position as a shipping and logistics partner. This also helps potential new customers better envision how Amazon could specifically help them as well.


In their video testimonial, Dropbox, the cloud-based file hosting service, focuses on how its product Dropbox For Business streamlines file sharing, improves work processes, and enables secure file storage for fast-growing companies. Just like with Amazon, they tell the story from more than one perspective which gives viewers access to different inside stories providing a clear understanding of the diverse benefits that the tool brings to the table.

The testimonial is centered around the idea that customers across various industries can work faster and more efficiently thanks to their product. Through this type of testimonial, Dropbox makes a very important point – they provide more than just a tool, they are an asset for companies of all sizes, pursuing efficiency and innovation.

There are as many testimonial types out there as brand marketing teams. And even for a brand, the customers’ perspectives vary, depending on the industry, values, and product expectations. By following the principles behind these 12 video testimonials, you might feel more inspired and eager to treading in their footsteps and start creating your own customer success videos that will capture your prospects’ attention and bring the benefits of your products and services to light.

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