Creating clarity for marketers who educate their stakeholders.

We organized terminology neatly so you can find the right answers to your brand advocacy marketing questions.

New to advocacy marketing programs or educating your stakeholders?

No worries! Our experienced advocacy mavens have centralized the questions we most often get from website visitors, new customers, and sometimes friends and family who want to understand what we do at work into and advocacy marketing knowledgebase. We cataloged everything neatly so you can easily find answers to all of your customer advocacy questions.

  • Learn about customer advocacy programs and how they help organizations leverage word of mouth to power sales and marketing
  • Learn about the activities in which your advocates engage as part of their participation in advocacy marketing programs and how these activities benefit organizations and advocates alike
  • Learn about the content that organizations and agencies create for customer advocacy marketing programs: case studies, video testimonials, success stories, social media graphics, blogs, and many more

We have your back! Our advocacy mavens help you find, invite, nurture, engage and reward brand ambassadors.

Our clients are technology marketers: storytellers of customer innovation, leadership and success. They hire us to:

  • Build their customer and employee advocacy programs, select the right tools and set the right metrics.
  • Complement their reference recruitment teams with our multilingual advocacy mavens.
  • Staff their internal team that supports sales, marketing, HR, PR, product and partner requests.
  • Create case studies and video testimonials, montages, infographics and guest blogs, and prepare event decks.
  • Empower their advocates to become better speakers, feedback givers, and influencers.

3 Cool Facts About Advocacy Maven

  • Our location allows the team to cover APAC in the morning hours, EMEA mid-day, and the Americas in the afternoon. We connect the dots and bring a productivity boost to global teams that find it hard to work together.
  • What we love about technology: how it empowers people. We provide all the power you need to execute programs and create content in more than 30 languages.
  • We always dig deeper until we discover how technology made peoples’ lives better.
We collectively speak more than 30 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.