Lauren Turner

Advocating for Your Value: A Guide for Customer Marketing and Advocacy Professionals

You know the proverb “The cobbler’s kids have no shoes?” It’s a classic one that illustrates the phenomenon where professionals are so busy providing services to others that they neglect to provide the same service to their own family or themselves. It’s a spot-on analogy for customer marketing and advocacy professionals. CMA folks are amazing…

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Navigating the Path to True Customer Centricity: A Guide for Global SaaS Leaders

In the world of SaaS, being proclaimed as “customer-centric” is almost a given. If you look at a company’s website, customer centricity may even be listed among their core values. However, with customer-centric initiatives scattered across different departments, each operating with its own set of goals and metrics, a coherent, company-wide customer centricity seems more…

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From Transcript to Case Study Draft in 5 Minutes with ChatGPT

As every customer marketing professional knows, case studies are among the most rewarding but time-consuming tasks within the discipline.  There’s so much to do: cobble together a cohesive story from a long (potentially rambling) conversation, pull out the relevant quotes for callouts and quick social snippets, and make sure your customer looks like the hero…

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