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Navigating the Path to True Customer Centricity: The Elements of a Customer Centricity Audit

Conducting a customer centricity audit with the help of an external consultant can provide the insights and guidance needed to align efforts, enhance the customer experience, and drive sustainable growth. Discover the key areas of an effective customer centricity audit in this infographic. This is an infographic by Lauren Turner, member of the Advocacy Mavens…

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Change Communications for Customers: What Should Your Customer Communications Include?

Changing communications for customers is critical for fostering trust and nurturing relationships. Effective and efficient change communications requires transparency, authenticity, and compassion. Done well, it can yield advocacy. This is an infographic by Srishty Khullar, member of the Advocacy Mavens Coalition. The Advocacy Mavens Coalition is an association of open for contracting customer-led professionals, each…

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Advocacy over Advertisements: Why Prioritizing Advocacy over Traditional Marketing Can Offer Strong Benefits

Discover how leveraging the voices of satisfied customers builds trust, loyalty, and authenticity, setting your brand apart in an era of ad fatigue and skepticism. It’s not just about making a sale—it’s about cultivating a community of brand enthusiasts who champion your products and services, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage. This is an infographic…

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Embracing Communities and Advocacy over Marketing Automation: Why Communities and Advocacy Outshine Automated Nurturing

A big shift is taking place from prospect nurturing via marketing automation to the nurturing of communities, since purchasing behaviors have changed drastically. Let’s explore how a more human-centric approach can not only transform your marketing strategy but also deepen the relationships with your audience. This is an infographic by Diana Gabroveanu, founder of the…

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Mastering Advocacy and Customer Marketing with Augmented Staff: 10 Essential Strategies for Success

Elevate your customer advocacy and marketing game with these top 10 tips. Define clear objectives and embrace specialized skill sets while fostering collaboration and robust data practices. Harness technology, prioritize customer-centricity, and continuously evaluate for unparalleled success in your marketing efforts. This is an infographic by Jennifer Susinski, member of the Advocacy Mavens Coalition. The…

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