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Unlocking Long-Term Value: The Ascendancy of Customer Marketing in the Past Decade

Customer marketing has indeed emerged as a proven and effective strategy over the past decade, largely due to several key factors and metrics. Focus on Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Rather than solely focusing on acquiring new customers, businesses have recognized the importance of nurturing existing relationships. Customer marketing emphasizes increasing CLV by fostering loyalty, encouraging…

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Change Communications for Customers: What Should Your Customer Communications Include?

Changing communications for customers is critical for fostering trust and nurturing relationships. Effective and efficient change communications requires transparency, authenticity, and compassion. Done well, it can yield advocacy. This is an infographic by Srishty Khullar, member of the Advocacy Mavens Coalition. The Advocacy Mavens Coalition is an association of open for contracting customer-led professionals, each…

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Advocacy over Advertisements: Why Prioritizing Advocacy over Traditional Marketing Can Offer Strong Benefits

Discover how leveraging the voices of satisfied customers builds trust, loyalty, and authenticity, setting your brand apart in an era of ad fatigue and skepticism. It’s not just about making a sale—it’s about cultivating a community of brand enthusiasts who champion your products and services, driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage. This is an infographic…

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