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Review of the SlapFive Platform

Table of Contents Product Overview Key Features Review Integrations and APIs Customer Service Offerings Professional Service Offerings Considerations for Migrating from Influitive 1. Product Overview SlapFive brands itself as Advocacy 2.0, with legacy tools such as Influitive taking the label of Advocacy 1.0. In this article, we’ll seek to gain an understanding of what SlapFive…

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Beyond Nice: Elevating Customer Advocacy from Luxury to Necessity to Increase your Return on Investment (ROI)

Have you ever stopped to think about the benefits of retaining current customers rather than trying to fill the top of your funnel with new leads? Retaining current customers through advocacy is often more cost-effective than securing new ones for several reasons, which leads to why partnering with customers through value-led collaboration is crucial. Continuing…

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Soft Skills: The Secret Sauce of Customer Satisfaction and Advocacy Leadership

Soft skills are essential in customer-facing roles as they greatly influence customer satisfaction and overall experience. Here are some of the top soft skills required: CommunicationClear and effective communication is crucial for understanding customer needs, conveying information accurately, and resolving issues promptly. EmpathyThe ability to understand and empathize with customers’ perspectives, feelings, and concerns is…

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Mastering Advocacy and Customer Marketing with Augmented Staff: 10 Essential Strategies for Success

Elevate your customer advocacy and marketing game with these top 10 tips. Define clear objectives and embrace specialized skill sets while fostering collaboration and robust data practices. Harness technology, prioritize customer-centricity, and continuously evaluate for unparalleled success in your marketing efforts. This is an infographic by Jennifer Susinski, member of the Advocacy Mavens Coalition. The…

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