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Navigating the Path to True Customer Centricity: A Guide for Global SaaS Leaders

In the world of SaaS, being proclaimed as “customer-centric” is almost a given. If you look at a company’s website, customer centricity may even be listed among their core values. However, with customer-centric initiatives scattered across different departments, each operating with its own set of goals and metrics, a coherent, company-wide customer centricity seems more…

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Communities and Advocacy Outperform Marketing Automation: Focusing on Humans in the Age of AI

In the fast-changing world of digital marketing, I’m seeing a big shift from traditional prospect nurturing via marketing automation to the nurturing of communities—customer-only communities, or prospects and customers interested in niche topics, brought together by solution vendors that want to position themselves as thought leaders. The way people purchase products and services has changed…

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A Guide to Agile Workforce Strategies in Marketing

As layoffs continue to impact the workforce and staff augmentation becomes the norm, adapting agile strategies is going to be key for work management in marketing. Whether you’re working with individual freelancers, coordinating across different time zones, or bringing together multiple functions for collaboration—you need to set up an agile system for everyone to follow.…

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