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Breaking Down Silos: Why They Hinder Customer Experience Execution

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, customer experience reigns supreme. Companies across industries are investing significant resources in crafting seamless and personalized experiences for their customers. However, despite these efforts, many organizations still struggle to execute effective customer experience strategies. One of the major roadblocks? Silos and the associated discussions on ownership of the customer! I…

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Unraveling the Long-Term Impact: The Consequences of Laying Off Customer Marketing Professionals

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the role of Customer Marketing stands as a cornerstone for organizational success. However, amidst the evolving complexities of customer engagement and the intricate interactions of various marketing channels, measuring the true impact of Customer Marketing (CM) initiatives remains a formidable challenge. In this uncertain terrain, the presence of a seasoned…

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Reduce Customer Churn, Drive Growth, and Acquire New Logos with Customer Advocacy

Customers have higher expectations and prefer a personalized experience. Gone are the days when a generic campaign will get the job done. Companies taking on a customer-centric approach are excelling. Deloitte research found that customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable compared to ones that aren’t.  If this statement has you wondering how we get from…

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Influitive to Base Comparison and Migration

As you explore the increasingly vast selection of platforms in the customer marketing world, you’ll find those focused on customer references, advocacy, community, and customer engagement. Some, like Influitive and Base, sit at the intersection of these categories. In this article we’ll be taking a deep-dive into the comparison of Influitive and Base specifically, but…

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Navigating the Path to True Customer Centricity: A Guide for Global SaaS Leaders

In the world of SaaS, being proclaimed as “customer-centric” is almost a given. If you look at a company’s website, customer centricity may even be listed among their core values. However, with customer-centric initiatives scattered across different departments, each operating with its own set of goals and metrics, a coherent, company-wide customer centricity seems more…

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Communities and Advocacy Outperform Marketing Automation: Focusing on Humans in the Age of AI

In the fast-changing world of digital marketing, I’m seeing a big shift from traditional prospect nurturing via marketing automation to the nurturing of communities—customer-only communities, or prospects and customers interested in niche topics, brought together by solution vendors that want to position themselves as thought leaders. The way people purchase products and services has changed…

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