Everything you need to know about Customer Advocacy Marketing

As a specialized Customer Advocacy Marketing agency we interact every day with multiple programs of different sizes, in different regions. We capture the most common challenges our clients have in scaling, budgeting, recruiting advocates or engaging stakeholders and share with you their solutions.


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6 Proven Steps for Producing Video Testimonials that Boost Sales and Marketing

Steps to produce video testimonials

On the fence about producing customer testimonial videos? Wondering if the hassle and the consistent spend are really worth it? Stop wondering and start doing!  Humans are social beings; and we are hardwired to crave approval, belonging, and third-party validation. In business, acquiring that validation happens over the internet, at the touch of a button […]

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Boost Customer Advocacy Programs with Inbound Marketing


You already use inbound marketing tactics to attract, engage, and delight customers. Now, learn how you can continue delighting them by enlisting them as sales and marketing allies. Inbound marketing is a must-have for most modern organizations, but you might not realize it can have powerful benefits outside of lead generation. In this post, we’ll […]

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10 Expert Tips to Start a Customer Advocacy Marketing Program


Customer success stories are one of the most powerful tools in a marketeer’s arsenal, whether they come in the form of anecdotal reviews, case studies, event presentations, infographics, videos or podcast interviews. Satisfied users are the best source of inspiration for existing customers to make the most of their purchase, become more loyal to the […]

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5 Colleagues to Involve in Starting a Customer Advocacy Program


Customer advocates are critical allies for any enterprise. Investing in these customer-partners can provide immense value to your company: they create buzz on your behalf, spend more of their budget with you, are more loyal, and have the ability to influence purchase decisions within their own organization. Reasons for Starting a Customer Advocacy Program Customer […]

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