We unlock the way, so you can use industry leading tools and methods

Our partnerships are handpicked. We join as an extended team in market leading organizations and make the most of each alliance. We learn about new tools and methodologies that can improve advocacy programs and make that knowledge available to you.

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Everything you need

We are a creative and innovative team, passionate about customer experience, advocacy, and business storytelling. 

Over the years we partnered with the most respected brands in the world of inbound and advocacy to help you recruit advocates at scale and leverage their passion to power up sales, marketing, and product development. We combine that with user-generated and professionally produced video content to help you tell great stories that make your customer shine.


Attract and Nurture Customer Advocates the Inbound Way

As inbound marketers, our goal is to attract new advocates for your company, help you engage with them at scale, and provide the tools to delight them individually. HubSpot has everything you need to run successful campaigns with no hassle. but even if you use your own marketing automation software, here are a few things we learned from the inbound experts:

  • Customers that you want to recruit should be treated like prospects who consider buying your program.
  • Leverage automation tolls like email workflows, conversational bots and smart content to nurture and recruit advocates at scale.
  • Show interest in the customer's motivation to engage and reward them accordingly.. Swag can only take you so far.


Build Customer Communities that Power Your Enterprise

The experts at Influitive have helped launch, build, and grow hundreds of successful advocate marketing and customer engagement program. We feel incredibly grateful and lucky to learn from them and leverage that knowledge to help your program thrive. A few things we learned while helping launch and manage hubs. 

  • Customers should not only be at the centre of your business strategy; they should also be the ones helping you execute.
  • Advocates can power more than just your sales. Their input is priceless to product development and their enthusiasm can multiply your marketing reach.
  • The AdvocateHub makes advocating for your brand a rewarding experience for customers, developers, employees and partners.


Professional Video Testimonials Without Onsite Cam and Crew

We live in a fast paced, mobile world and Sauce has revolutionized the video production process with a simple, yet powerful app for content creation. Anyone can become a video creator with their intuitive user interface. There was never a better time to switch from expensive cam-and crew trips to customer HQ to professionally user-generated video advocacy. A few things we learned:

  • Video is required everywhere. And nothing is more powerful for marketing than a great video testimonial story
  • 4 billion Smartphone cameras have revolutionized the industry by transforming everybody into a ‘creator’
  • 85% of consumers find visual user-generated content more influential than brand photos or videos.