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We are a creative and innovative team, passionate about customer experience, advocacy, and business storytelling. 

Over the years we partnered with the most respected brands in the world of inbound and advocacy to help you recruit advocates at scale and leverage their passion to power up sales, marketing, and product development. We combine that with user-generated and professionally produced video content to help you tell great stories that make your customer shine.


Organize Advocacy Programs the Inbound Way

Inbound marketing is a must-have for most modern organizations, but you might not realize it can have powerful benefits outside of lead generation. In this post, we’ll review the basic elements of inbound marketing – what it is, and why it’s superior to outbound marketing – as well as some ways you can leverage inbound in your customer programs.

As inbound marketers, our goal is to attract new customer advocates and champion employees for your company, help you engage with them at scale, and provide the tools to delight them individually. Fortunately, you can leverage the same inbound marketing practices you are already using to build and maintain robust customer programs. 

Whether you use HubSpot or your own marketing automation software, here are a few things we learned from our partnership with the inbound experts:

Identifying Advocates

Use content strategy, calls to action, and marketing automation to raise awareness about your programs, spark customer and employee interest, and educate your audience.

Nurturing Advocates

Engage advocates using successful inbound sales tools like conversation routing, and email sequences. Live chat is also quickly becoming a must-have engagement channel.

Engaging and Rewarding

Leverage customer service tools and methods to maintain excellent relationships with your champions and advocates, including a knowledge base, service automation, and health scoring.


Build Communities that Power Your Enterprise

The experts at Influitive have helped launch, build, and grow hundreds of successful advocate marketing and customer engagement program. We feel incredibly grateful and lucky to learn from them and leverage that knowledge to help your program thrive. 

With almost ten years of advocate marketing expertise, Influitive has discovered that a community of your most enthusiastic customers can do so much more than generate reviews, referrals, and references. They can amplify the reach of your content, help you improve your product, complement support, enhance your events, and more.

A few things we learned while helping launch and manage advocate hubs. 

Identifying Advocates

Customers should not only be at the center of your business strategy; they should also be the ones helping you execute. Gamification is a great way to educate advocates about your program.

Nurturing Advocates

Advocates can power more than just your sales. Their input is priceless to product development, their presence critical for events, and their enthusiasm can boost your marketing reach.

Engaging and Rewarding

Use friendly competition to encourage engagement. The AdvocateHub makes advocating for your brand a fun experience and your fans can pick their favorite from a wealth of rewards.


Reinventing Employee Engagement and Advocacy

Today’s employees want to be part of a community, have freedom of expression and feel they are part of a bigger cause. They want to be valued for their authentic self and have a sense of purpose and belonging. They want to identify with your company and be recognized for their  meaningful work. Employee engagement makes them happier, more productive, and less likely to leave. 

If the benefits of encouraging and managing an internal advocacy program don’t light a fire under you, maybe the dangers of failing to do so will. Here’s what you’re risking if you delegate employee advocacy to the sideline:

  • You risk getting left behind as your competitors will use leverage employee engagement tactics to reach their audiences
  • You will pay more for social media and content as all the writing and promotion is done by freelances or agencies. 
  • Your cost per lead will remain the same – while everyone else will be decreasing theirs.
  • You will struggle to earn trust – as your messaging will come from the brand rather than real, authentic people.

Employee advocacy is really in your reach, here’s how:

Identifying Advocates

Import your existing contacts and set up simple campaigns to identify your best brand advocates and attract them in the platform. You can also promote the program via newsletters and events.

Nurturing Advocates

Create an atmosphere in which employees feel connected to your company and their work. Run campaigns that generate dialogue and reward referrals, e.g. small team competitions.

Engaging and Rewarding

Help your employees speak positively on behalf of the company and promote your content to their networks. Reward your most trusted advocates to show them they are a valuable part of your business.


Professional Video Testimonials. No Cam and Crew

A relatively new marketing content concept—but quickly becoming a trend—user-generated video is a video produced by a non-professional, typically with their smartphone. Such as a quick message from a customer expressing their happiness with a brand, it’s products or services; or a documentary made by an employee showing a day in their role.

We live in a fast-paced, mobile world and sometimes the content requirements of a company outpace the production rhythm. Sauce has revolutionized the video production process with a simple, yet powerful app for content creation. Anyone can become a video creator with their intuitive user interface. These videos are then shared on social or on review sites and through mentions, tags, comments, and stories, they fuel and shape the buying and job finding habits of target employees and customers.

There was never a better time to switch from expensive cam-and crew trips to customer HQ to professionally user-generated video advocacy. A few things we learned:

Identifying Advocates

Video is required everywhere. And nothing is more powerful for capturing the attention of your audience and recruiting advocates than a great video story filmed on a smartphone by authentic speakers

Nurturing Advocates

85% of consumers find visual user-generated content more influential than brand photos or videos. Leverage this to build credibility and attract more customers and employees in your advocate community

Engaging and Rewarding

4 billion Smartphone cameras have revolutionized the industry by transforming everybody into a ‘creator’. Rewarding creativity gives you access to a wealth of authentic content to support your marketing.

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