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Resources Done4U – Customer Case Study Templates

Spotlight your customer and employee advocates in beautiful case studies.

We all heard some of these very popular quotes

  • Content is king. (Bill Gates)
  • Content marketing is the only marketing left. (Seth Godin)
  • The more content I put out, the more luck I have. (Gary Vee)

But in a world of overwhelming information and content, humans trust other humans when it comes to hard decisions like finding a job or buying something of value. Peer advice has way more value than brand marketing.  That’s why you have to create the right type of content: authentic testimonials, customer and employee case studies.

Download the templates pack below to understand the key elements of a success story and to make all your advocates shine.

Easy-to-Edit slides with Instructions!

Free case study templates that will accelerate your Customer Advocacy Marketing Program


Personalize quickly with your customer’s details, quotes from you advocates, technology solution details and relevant graphics


Cover all stages of the customer story, from business challenges and results to solution, implementation, quotes and KPIs.


Publish them on your website by saving as pdf or slide show. Close new business by leveraging these testimonials in sales deals.

Your advocates are the stars of your customer advocacy marketing program. Make them shine!

Content is everywhere. With just a few clicks we find countless ways to educate ourselves on the problem at hand. E-books and how-to guides. Analyst, influencer, and thought leader opinions. Product pictures and videos, data-sheets with features, comparison widgets, 3D tours and prices, trials and demos. Graphics, infographics, videos and magic quadrants. Even virtual reality. But none of those are as compelling as a story well told.

Download the Customer Case Study Templates Pack Here!

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