Customer Programs on a Stack – SaaS Vendors Deep Dive

February 23, 2024

The acquisition of Influitive by Jigsaw Interactive late December 2023 created a lot of discussion within the customer advocacy community. This move, accompanied by significant RIFs that impacted advocacy thought leaders, notable service level reductions and steep price hikes, has many Influitive customers exploring options before their next renewal.

Understanding your need for information, we rolled-up our sleeves, sat down with platform vendors and crafted a wonderful resource for program managers. We asked about capabilities, engagement tools, integrations, security, and pricing to support you with the insights you need to navigate the market effectively. 

Our latest eBook, “Customer Programs on a Stack – A Deep Dive into SaaS Vendors and Their Customer Engagement, Customer Reference, Advocacy Marketing, and Community Management Capabilities,” spans 40 pages packed with rich details on key market participants. 

Check it out ungated below or download here! 👇👇👇

However, before you rush to bid farewell to Influitive, we advise you consider the impact on your program and if a change truly makes sense. A platform migration will significantly impact your members. All participants need to be re-enabled on a new software after using Influitive for several years. Ask yourself:

  • Is the value your program provides robust enough and clear enough to members so that your audience is motivated to follow you to a new house?
  • In the worst 18 months Silicon Valley experienced since the crash, do your members have the bandwidth the get themselves acquainted with new software?
  • Are the intrinsic rewards you offer powerful enough to overcome the importance of gamification during program onboarding stage?
  • Also, is the value of your program so clear internally that your execs will accept a drastic reduction in metrics?
  • If your Influitive program is supporting product adoption, references, reviews, referrals, social media and external marketing, how will a change  impact on your revenue and brand awareness?

Influitive is still the principal player, a powerhouse in the customer advocacy arena. And, when you stack up the costs, Influitive might just be holding its own against some of the competition and be cheaper than a stack despite the price increases. As Amy Bills—VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester—says: “Acting rashly is rarely the right answer“. 

In these times of change, the support system you choose can make all the difference. This is where Advocacy Maven, alongside the Advocacy Mavens Coalition, steps in. We are dedicated to providing support and professional services across all platforms. Whether you need program strategy, software implementation, technical consulting for integrations or migrations, community building and management, or crafting data structures for KPI-aligned reporting, our expert team is equipped to guide you every step of the journey.

We’re not just here to advise; we’re here to be part of your team through staff augmentation. Our employees and coalition members are experienced advocacy marketing strategists, community and customer success managers, educators, designers, video producers, analysts, and technical consultants. Whatever your program goals, our advocacy mavens can support you.

So, while the acquisition news might be keeping us all on our toes, there are plenty of reasons to stay optimistic. With the right resources and a bit of expert guidance, navigating the evolving landscape of customer advocacy platforms is a breeze. Advocacy Maven and the Advocacy Mavens Coalition are excited to journey with you, ensuring your advocacy programs not only survive but thrive, no matter the platform.

 Let’s navigate these changes together! 🛥️

Download the ebook here.