Customer Success Manager for Influitive Users

March 1, 2024

Prompt support is a strategic investment in the success and maximization of the software you’ve purchased. We strongly advocate that vendors offer it, together with a Customer Success Manager (CSM) to clients at all times, included in the price of the software. 👩‍💻

If that is a premium service from your vendor, here’s why we believe having a CSM is crucial for you as a client, and why it’s worth considering even if it comes at an additional cost.

☑️ Tailored Success Plans: A CSM works with you to understand your specific business goals and challenges, creating a customized success plan. This ensures that the software not only fits into your current processes but also evolves with your business needs, maximizing ROI.

☑️ Proactive Support: Instead of reactive support that kicks in after issues have arisen, a CSM provides proactive guidance to prevent potential problems. This foresight can save you significant time and resources, ensuring smooth operations.

☑️ Increased Adoption and Utilization: A CSM helps ensure that your team fully adopts and utilizes the software, training them on best practices and advanced features you might not discover on your own. This leads to higher productivity and a quicker return on your investment.

☑️ Continuous Improvement: Your CSM can offer insights into software updates, new features, and best practices from the industry or other clients. This continuous improvement loop ensures that you’re always leveraging the software to its fullest potential.

☑️ Issue Resolution and Escalation: When issues arise, having a CSM means having a direct line to someone familiar with your setup and needs. They can fast-track resolution and, if necessary, escalate issues more effectively within the vendor organization.

☑️ Feedback Loop: A CSM acts as your advocate within the vendor organization, conveying your feedback, suggestions, and concerns directly to those who can enact changes. This feedback loop is vital for software that evolves in ways that benefit your business.

At Advocacy Maven we worked hard to get some ex-Influitive staff on board so we can address your needs for support and success.

Don Currie – previously Director of Customer Support at Influitive

Srishty Khullar – previously Manager of the Professional Services team at Influitive

Seán Jago – previously Senior Solutions Engineer at Influitive

We also worked on our new partnership with Jigsaw Interactive to make sure we have weekly calls in place, allowing us to escalate issues and provide feedback on behalf of our customers.

Recognizing a significant market need, we are thrilled to unveil our latest offerings – all including CSM services – to help elevate your advocacy programs into powerful engines of growth. They all come at budget-friendly prices and monthly payment cadences that allow you to get them booked on a corporate card, without large up-front investment or long procurement cycles. Check them out! 👇