Database Giant Achieves Unprecedented Global Marketing Efficiency Partnering with Advocacy Maven

December 8, 2023

A leading global database vendor engaged Advocacy Maven to overcome resource constraints and boost its customer reference program worldwide thanks to our expertise in advocacy best practices and multiple languages.

The success of the entirely outsourced project led to a long-term trusted partnership where we regularly produce a full portfolio of assets in written and video formats. As a result, we significantly improved our client’s marketing efficiency, helping solidify its prominent position in the database market and drive sales in key growth regions.

Our client is a world-renowned database company with more than 100 locations in dozens of countries. Its on-premises and cloud-based database products are used by a diverse range of organizations, from small startups and medium-sized companies to large enterprises— including major tech firms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The challenge of boosting a global customer reference program with limited resources.

With data continuing to grow at a phenomenal pace both in size and complexity, our client recognized the need to develop its customer reference program to maintain business growth and market share for its database management systems over the coming years. The development would need to include an increased output of written customer success stories—used for sales activities and placed on the company website to drive demand generation—in addition to other marketing assets in various formats and languages, such as animated product explainer videos and infographics.

The organization’s marketing department had extremely limited resources, with just one full-time employee for each of the company’s three global regions. Customer advocacy made up only a fraction of its working responsibilities; they had neither the language capability nor the specialized skills in customer interviewing and content creation to fulfill the company’s success story targets.

Furthermore, the agencies the company had previously worked with had limited scope, slow output, and produced stories that missed the mark and required heavy redactions.

Why Advocacy Maven?

The company sought to take on new external resources to support its advocacy and marketing efforts. The marketing director reached out to its internal network for recommendations, and Advocacy Maven’s name consistently came to the forefront for its subject matter expertise, global reach, and responsiveness.

With capability in more than 30 languages, a dedicated team of specialized writers and interviewers, as well as profound knowledge of advocacy best practices, we fulfilled all of the organization’s prerequisites. Our long advocacy experience in the tech industry was distinctly valuable, as we understood not only the customer’s database technologies and its advantages over the competition but also the industry’s direction of travel to a cloud-based infrastructure model, which the company was looking to capitalize on.

A particular benefit for our client was that its marketing director would have a single point of contact for all advocacy activities, and would not need to source, engage, train, and manage multiple freelance writers in different countries and time zones.

Streamlined success story production process minimizes customer effort.

With our flexible staffing resources and well-defined process map for success story production, we were able to start the cooperation immediately and hit the ground running, saving the company valuable time. No pre-assignment work was necessary from the customer’s side, for example, filling out briefing forms for each story. The company simply provided us with the contact details of its account managers and a list of its end customers who had been selected for advocacy activities.

Our specialists worked closely with the account managers to understand every customer’s use case, before reaching out to the customer to schedule an interview for the story in their native language. By employing structured interviews, we obtained meaningful insights into each customer’s unique accomplishments with their chosen database products and also helped to enhance customer relations.

With our deep knowledge of the high-tech and advocacy industries, we then crafted compelling narratives which highlighted the tangible benefits of the database products and services used. Furthermore, our stories positioned the end customers as innovative technology adopters and leaders in their respective fields. This enabled an accelerated story review and approval process—first by our customer’s marketing team and then by its customers—as text amendment requests were rare and minimal.

Once the English-language stories were completed, our professional linguists then localized the assets to achieve the highest impact for our customer’s target markets in Asia and South America—for example, reproducing the stories in Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Latin American Spanish languages.

We then contacted the end customer with the finalized drafts, along with a permission form and a request for its company logo. Following this, we submitted the assets to our customer for publication, after which we shared a link to the published story with its client.

Database giant achieves global marketing efficiency revamping its customer reference program

Reaping the numerous business benefits of an outsourced reference program.

Due to our responsiveness, high-quality processes, and advocacy expertise, we achieved an impressive average project turnaround time of a little over six weeks, starting from the moment customers were nominated until their stories were published. Our client’s marketing director was completely hands-free and able to focus on other marketing priorities, while we kept them well-informed of progress through bi-weekly catchup calls.

By creating and publishing around 50 stories per year, we have enhanced the IT company’s website with a customer section filled with top-quality references—each one optimized for search engines to drive traffic to the site. Our stories have also proven to be invaluable sales tools for our client’s account managers who have used the assets effectively for sales pitches, requests for proposal, and to close deals with prospects.

Our client’s product and marketing teams have consistently showered us with high acclaim on the quality and impact of our stories. Importantly, the success of the customer reference program has enabled the IT company to drive sales in key growth regions and boost its leadership position in the cloud database market.

Extending the Advocacy Maven partnership across the entire marketing portfolio.

Based on our achievements with the customer reference program, we became a trusted partner for the organization. Consequently, the company asked us to create a wide range of additional sales and marketing literature targeted toward various stakeholders—such as in-depth white papers, quick-reference datasheets, animated product explainer videos, and infographics.

For the IT vendor’s flagship database product, we also produced a comprehensive, metrics-rich e-book, which contained benchmark test comparisons with the competition, technical flow charts, real-world customer use cases with quotes, lists of clients per industry, and summaries of the product’s benefits per individual job role—from developers and administrators to data scientists and CTOs. We subsequently translated the e-book into 11 global languages, including Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, in addition to several European languages. We have since produced annual revisions of the e-book, and also created an industry-specific e-book for the FinTech sector—a key market for global database vendors.

We were able to create all assets to our client’s demanding specifications—and with powerful messaging—thanks to our tech industry knowledge, marketing expertise, and deep understanding of the pain points facing our customer’s prospective clients.

Beyond the call of duty: how our availability, responsiveness, diligence, and professionalism came together to deliver on a seemingly impossible request.

On one occasion, our client was scheduled to present its new database product at a major industry event. However, one week before the event date, its product team realized they needed a one-minute introductory video to accompany their presentation. It was not possible to engage the marketing department of its parent company, which traditionally had a turnaround time of several months. They turned to Advocacy Maven to discuss the possibility of an extremely rapid engagement to meet the deadline.

We organized a conference call for that very evening with the product and marketing teams to assess their requirements. The remit was to showcase the benefits of the new database, such as its ability to run both OLAP and OLTP workloads simultaneously, and to highlight its advantages over the competition in terms of performance, cost, and ease of use. The video needed to include short, punchy written customer quotes, as well as prerecorded video quotes from its current customers that demonstrated real-world successes. It also needed to introduce the company’s event speakers, whose presentations would follow the video.

We immediately connected with our video animation, sound, and production specialists, who managed to produce the first version of the video within just 48 hours. We then held daily review meetings with our client’s stakeholders at the US Pacific time zone to gauge their feedback and apply their requested changes—with one new video version per day over a period of four days.

The end result was a high-quality and impactful video delivered to specification within the short deadline, which enabled the company to deliver a knockout opening video for the event. We received high levels of praise for our availability, responsiveness, and professionalism.

Longstanding cooperation strengthens marketing department efficiency.

Our enduring partnership continues to reap rewards for the database vendor, which does not need to expand its internal human resources and can rapidly flex its advocacy and marketing activities in various global regions as the business demands.

Due to Advocacy Maven’s resourcefulness, know-how, and accessibility 365 days of the year, our client relies on us—as a true partner that understands its business—to take on projects large and small, provide any type of asset for any target market, and to go the extra mile.

The cooperation has greatly increased the database company’s marketing department efficiency, saving both time and money, as well as relieving the stress of delivering tangible results for the business.