Driving Customer-Centric Culture: The Imperative Role of Executive Support in Customer Advocacy Programs

May 14, 2024

Creating a truly customer centric customer advocacy program built around community and value, is something really special companies can give back to their customers.

Entering this journey with the knowledge that customer advocacy is the additional value a company can provide their customers is step one. Knowing that all customers will have different timelines on when they will become your vocal champion and how they will become your vocal champion is step two.

Another very important step is making sure there is executive support by way of true action! Executive support is pivotal in driving the cultural shift towards customer-centricity within a customer advocacy and community program.

Here’s why:

Setting the tone from the top.

When leaders champion customer-centric values and behaviors, it sends a clear message throughout the organization about the importance of prioritizing customer needs. Employees take cues from their leaders, so when executives demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction, it becomes ingrained in the company culture.

Allocating resources.

Executives hold the purse strings and have the authority to allocate resources towards initiatives aimed at understanding and serving customers better. Whether it’s investing in community tools, VoC tools, data analytics tools, customer feedback mechanisms, or employee training programs, executive support ensures that the necessary resources are available to drive customer-centric initiatives.

Removing barriers to change.

Cultural transformation often faces resistance and inertia from established practices and mindsets. Executive support is crucial in breaking down these barriers by actively promoting and reinforcing the desired changes. Leaders must communicate the importance of the customer-centric culture and address any skepticism or resistance within the organization.

Accountability and ownership.

When executives emphasize the importance of customer-centricity, it creates accountability at all levels of the organization. Employees understand that prioritizing customer needs is not just a suggestion but a core expectation. This ownership mentality empowers employees to proactively seek ways to enhance the customer experience without constant oversight.

Alignment of goals and incentives.

Executive support ensures that customer-centric goals are integrated into the organization’s strategic objectives. By aligning performance metrics and incentives with customer satisfaction, executives motivate employees to prioritize customer needs in their day-to-day activities. This alignment fosters a cohesive approach towards delivering exceptional customer experiences across the entire organization.

Visibility and recognition.

Executives have the platform to publicly recognize and reward employees who demonstrate exemplary customer-centric behaviors. By celebrating success stories and highlighting the impact of customer-focused initiatives, executives reinforce the desired behaviors and inspire others to follow suit. This recognition creates a positive feedback loop that reinforces the importance of customer-centricity within the organization.

In essence, executive support serves as the catalyst for driving a cultural shift towards customer-centricity by providing leadership, resources, and direction to ensure that customer needs are at the forefront of every decision and action within the organization.

Driving customer-centric culture: The imperative role of executive support in customer advocacy programs

This is a guest blog by Jennifer Susinski, member of the Advocacy Mavens Coalition.

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