Resources Done4U – Inbound Customer Advocacy Checklist

Recruit more advocates to power up your sales, marketing and product development!

Many advocacy program managers spend countless hours reaching out to customers 1-to-1 (directly or through account teams) to recruit them for content creation, community engagement, product feedback, beta programs, social sharing, or marketing events.

Customers who agree to participate are helpful but rarely recognize the extra benefits of advocating for the products they love—showcasing the success of their brand to the world, as well as their personal achievements within the organization.

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Imagine how different customer advocacy could be if we approached it with inbound methodology.

Develop an Inbound Customer Advocacy Marketing Recruitment Campaign that is:


Start with the advocate persona in mind and deliver tailored messaging at every step


Allow your target customers to research your program in more than just one boring brochure


Consider the advocate journey, help them raise their hand, and optimize their onboarding

Help your customers raise their hand as advocates:

Advocacy programs often rely on sales and customer success teams to provide reference nominations and customer health status updates, to recruit and to engage. It’s time we give your advocates the power to speak for themselves, to get educated in the art of providing testimonials, and to align their goals with the ones of your program for maximum win-win.

Download the Inbound Customer Advocacy Campaign Checklist!

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