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Are press releases customer advocacy content?

The customer is as important as any other business partner for a brand, and this partnership requires a special announcement to the rest of the world. Writing a press release to announce the signing of a new customer contract is a great way to make the customer feel unique and appreciated.

Getting customer quotes inside that press release shows public and analysts that you are special and valued as well. Depending on the price the market puts on that new customer it can boost your brand and sometimes even boost your share price.

While press releases are not customer evidence per se, they are still valuable advocacy assets. Specially for a startup or a business who does not have a large pool of advocates. They showcase the trust someone invested through a purchase.

A customer that expresses excitement to work with you at the start of a relationship is more likely to keep that attitude throughout the contract. They can only express challenge statements and expected benefits at this stage in their journey. But you can follow-up with a more detailed piece of advocacy content once some of your brands promises have been delivered.

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