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How can you create budget friendly video testimonials?

Content is the lifeblood of inbound marketing, used to attract, convert, close, and delight customers online. We’ve all heard the expression, “content is king.” While this may generally be true, one type of content is king of a vastly bigger kingdom than others. The video;  especially video testimonials.

And for very good reason:

  • Genuine and inspirational customer videos capture attention and help close sales deals
  • Videos can explain why a customer loves your brand.
  • Seeing the face of the speaker adds credibility
  • Video testimonials inspire more trust that text because of the added body language
  • The emotion of the speaker is easy to see in video, creating a connection with the viewer
  • Videos are easy to share and increase website (YT channel) traffic
  • Social media sites and search engines love video content making your brand rank higher
  • Longer interviews can be the master for multiple short videos to be used across channels

And according to, the public loves video just as much as marketers do. In fact, 43% of people hope marketers will use video even more in the future.

But let’s be honest: videos cost a lot of money and involve a lot of effort. Copywriters to produce a script, directors to design a storyboard and advise the speaker, project managers to arrange for the best time and location, video producers shoot the segment and edit it, content managers to finally publish the video.

We recommend you start with User-Generated Content (UGC) that you can easily collect, curate, and publish. As opposed to more expensive, sometimes overly scripted, and time-consuming professional videos, UGC is straightforward, cost-effective, and authentic. Read more about this in our dedicated blog posts:  How UGC is Changing Customer Advocacy Video Testimonials and User-Generated Video Testimonials: Production Process and Costs

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