Everything you need to know about Customer Advocacy Marketing

As a specialized Customer Advocacy Marketing agency we interact every day with multiple programs of different sizes, in different regions. We capture the most common challenges our clients have in scaling, budgeting, recruiting advocates or engaging stakeholders and share with you their solutions.

Category: Customer Advocacy Marketing Activities

Learn about the activities in which customers engage as part of their participation in customer advocacy marketing programs and how these activities benefit organizations and advocates alike

How to Nurture and Engage Your Advocate Community?

In the 21st century, community remains one of the strongest human needs, and it is no different for those who decide to become customer advocates. Through forums and community management software you can engage your customer advocates and help them interact and connect with each other, both online and offline.

How To Involve Advocates in Product Development?

Brand advocates don’t come easy. It takes commitment to customer experience. It also takes a team of engagement specialists to recruit advocates and keep the communication flowing between them and your brand. But, if you take the time to develop a customer advocacy marketing program, you will certainly reap a lot of rewards.

How Do Reviews Influence Your Customer Advocacy Efforts?

According to Wikipedia, a Review site is a website on which reviews can be posted about people, businesses, products, or services. These sites may gather reviews from site users or hire professional writers to author reviews on the topic of concern for the site.

Do Customer Advocates Bring In Sales Referrals?

Referral marketing is one of the best ways to source new business. Your advocates love your product and they want to see you succeed. That makes them the best source of referrals you can have.

What Role Do the Press and Analysts Play in Customer Advocacy?

The press and industry analysts are an important voice in marketing and brand communications. They influence purchasing decisions in all verticals and business models. But possibly B2B tech more than any others. A robust customer advocacy marketing program will broker interactions between advocates, press, and analysts. It will also help prepare the advocates for the interview and make them comfortable.

Why Do Customer Advocates Agree to Speak at Brand Events?

Before planning your next brand event, ask yourself who will convert your visitors and attendees into customers. Most likely answers like “the on-site sales reps” or “the very expensive venue and signage” come to mind. And “speakers that give the engaging presentations” are likely on that list as well.

How Customer Advocates Help Prospects?

Asking a customer to take a reference call or visit is awkward for most sales and marketing professionals. After all, you’re asking a paying customer to do you a favor, right? Well yes, to some extent, but very often they would gladly help you. A reference is not a favor, it is a win-win. And advocates have their share of benefits from being in your program.

The Power of Social Media in Customer Advocacy

While it is primarily used to push content, social media has other powerful uses as well. Customer advocates boost your brand with positive conversations about your products and services. They support your development with feedback to polls and survey you put out. And they can create buzz around a feature launch, a big corporate event or even a small user group gathering.

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