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Stand out with customer advocacy graphics, infographics, and animations

“Content is king” says a popular marketing adage. Therefore, every marketer must create content to attract, convert, close, and delight their audience. Everybody knows video is eye catching, so video is what we must all create. And nothing converts better than word of mouth and testimonials. So, let’s produce video testimonials?

In an over-saturated market, it can be difficult to stand out when you’re putting out content even if it’s the most inspiring customer success story. 

But what if—as it sometimes can happen in B2B—your customers cannot participate in video, cannot put their brand on a testimonial, are public sector organizations that can endorse noone, or for any other reason you cannot tell their story? Or what if—because of a pandemic—you can’t send a crew to the customer’s HQ and the quality you can get via conf call doesn’t meet your demands?

In situations like these (and not only), graphics and animations come in very handy. A neat “9 out of 10 Commercial Banks in the Country use Our Core Banking Software” is a testimonial, albeit no brands were mentioned. If you are allowed to privately namedrop a list of customers, you can always accompany that graphic with a curiosity pinching call to action.

And what if you would love to tell the story of George, awesome CTO in the Ministry of Something? You might find that an animation, introducing a virtual George that works in an anonymous organization but fully experiencing the struggles and results of real George is a good replacement. 

Experimenting with new formats to tell stories helps reach a wider audience, while also playfully exploring new styles. A colorful quote graphic on social could capture your persona’s attention and drive traffic to the customer story more than a simple link could do. An infographic comparison of your customer’s performance gain, transaction speed, processing speed or other relevant metrics before and after your solution can tell a convincing story in numbers without being boring or impersonal. An animated explainer with a colorful character in a real-life inspired story can be a great alternative to talking head videos that inundate the world wide web.

While stories help us emotionally grasp the plot faster and make the information more memorable, it’s data visualizations that help us make sense of the story and transform our emotional desire to purchase into a logical decision. Using the customer’s success story as a foundation, you can get as creative as you want with content. In the end, it does not serve you or your audience if you spend time and effort on creating a piece of content that no one sees. You need to provide content quality and informational value that rises above the noise.

Hungry for customer advocacy marketing knowledge?

Browse through our resources library to learn about inbound recruitment, automating engagement tasks, getting internal buy-in, setting program goals and everything else you need to know to recruit, nurture and engage customer advocates.

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