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How Do Customer Advocacy Marketing Agencies Recruit Advocates?

A successful advocate marketing campaign begins with advocate recruitment. This process requires taking a closer and objective look at your current customer base to identify the stars among them who will be willing to share their experiences with the product or service they used and spread the word about its positive features. 

It’s similar to the lead scoring activity, a methodology used to determine the value of a lead in sales and marketing, but in this case it’s an ongoing process through which marketers find out more about their customers, why they love their brand, and decide who fits who fits your company’s advocate profile.

Keep in mind that not every customer can be an advocate. How do you know if someone has the potential to become one? You could take into consideration the time spent by a customer on using your product or service, the reviews he submitted, his overall buying behavior, and his level of engagement in the community. Alternatively, you could team up with a customer advocacy marketing agency that can create an organized, scalable end-to-end customer advocacy program meant to identify, recruit, nurture, and engage happy customers, as a result turning them into loyal advocates. For this purpose, advocate marketers leverage their knowledge of marketing, customer support, sales and more to make sure that your organization reaps all the rewards of customer advocacy.

A customer advocacy agency’s specialists can complement or replace your internal efforts in reaching out to customers, building marketing collateral, and getting the approval of stakeholders. They can help manage your community through a dedicated software or interview your customers individually to establish an engagement plan, create case studies or enroll them for speaking opportunities. Customer advocacy marketing agencies help you design and accelerate your advocate on-boarding and nurturing process by working closely with your most satisfied customers to better understand their role and goals that later can be replaced with meaningful rewards.

A customer advocacy marketing agency can help you launch the necessary campaigns for both recruiting and engagement funnels as well as manage your pool of customers through targeted approaches across multiple networks for best results.

Some examples of software used by agencies to manage customer relationships and keep track of advocates are:

Advocacy Maven is a certified Influitive partner because we closely align with their customer-powered enterprise philosophy and their discover-nurture-mobilize methodology. We are also a certified HubSpot partner, bringing the inbound methodology to advocate recruitment process.

Key takeaways on how customer advocacy marketing agencies recruit advocates:

  • A customer advocacy marketing agency will allocate you a team of specialized marketers, supported by experienced interviewers, writers, editors, social media managers, graphic designers, and video producers.
  • A customer advocacy marketing agency can create captivating landing pages, strategize educational offers, host webinars, and create automated nurturing workflows that are tailored to the needs of existing customers.
  • A customer advocacy marketing agency can also help manage your community through a dedicated software or interview your customers to establish an engagement plan, create case studies or enroll them for speaking opportunities.
  • Advocate recruitment focuses on identifying the customers that are most likely to participate in advocacy activities and share their feedback that offer prospects the value of being able to base their future purchase decisions on.

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