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Is Customer Advocacy Marketing a Win-Win for Brands and Advocates?

Standing out in today’s hyper-competitive and fast-changing market is about much more than matching the right products and services with the right clients.​

It’s about:

  • Crafting unique and powerful solutions that the market will love
  • Giving customers an excellent experience across their journey from prospect to advocate and delight them in every interaction they have with your team
  • Actively listening to your customer’s needs and pains
  • Creating customer-facing communities that allows your most loyal clients to speak about problems and solutions openly
  • Making customers feel understood, appreciated, and supported every step of the way

What is Customer Advocacy Marketing? There are many ways in which Customer Advocacy Marketing—the art of leveraging your advocates in marketing content and activities—has been proven to help a brand. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Advocates amplify your marketing efforts through referrals and word-of-mouth
  • Advocates champion your brand internally, leading to up-sells / cross-sells
  • Advocates provide valuable feedback on your products’ design, engineering, and user-friendliness
  • They will help you understand market challenges and give you a competitive advantage

Customer Advocacy Marketing programs can benefit organizations of all sizes if they’re looking for a more efficient way to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Connect with them on a deep, emotional level
  • Promote your brand’s products/services in a less intrusive way
  • Drive organic growth

But what’s in it for advocates? Their motivation to champion your cause stems first and foremost from product or service delight. But it can combine nicely with their aspiration to have early access to new features, impact product direction, become thought leaders, advance their careers or gain direct access to your executives.

Customer Advocacy Marketing walks the fine line between friendship, marketing, and sales— leveraging the power of customer feedback from a trusted community and using that feedback to create great products and content that keep the business running.

Key takeaways about customer advocacy marketing win-win:

  • While many people believe that customer advocacy is all about giving a testimonial, as a personal favor from customers to the brands they like, it can, in fact, be a wonderful win-win if done well.
  • Advocates also benefit from their participation in a Customer Advocacy Marketing Program through increased visibility among industry professionals, management, and co-workers.
  • Such a win-win type of partnership also opens the door to professional opportunities for the advocates and helps them not only move ahead in their career but also establish themselves as the go-to experts their niche needs as well.
  • From speaking in the press to sharing articles on social media supporting the brand, an advocate will always be perceived as a problem solver whose first-hand experience with a given product or service bares tremendous value.

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