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How a Customer Advocacy Marketing Agency Meets Expectations

Customer advocacy marketing agencies make use of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) community and customer engagement platform solutions such as Jive Software, Khoros, Get Satisfaction or licensed in-house tools to ensure that customers can easily connect with advocates via unfiltered forums.

It’s through these types of platforms, acting as intermediates between your organization and advocates, that we can discover, nurture, and mobilize advocates, leveraging their key insights to create content.

A customer advocacy marketing agency works closely with customers and advocates to understand their participation goals and facilitate proper interaction which includes activities, communication, and actions that are tracked through these platforms. That results in marketing metrics which help us ensure proper alignment with the brand’s goals as well as support the right reward scheme.

By tracking the number of activities each advocate is involved in, indexing all your content, and scheduling new content creation, these platforms help to:

  • Fulfill internal needs
  • Assign tasks
  • Work in a collaborative way
  • Ensure maximum transparency in the brand’s online community

When a business request comes in, these analytics help us determine which advocate is better suited to speak to a market analyst, for example, and which one would be interested in beta testing of a new product feature.

Thanks to these metrics and our relationship-building approach, we make sure no advocate is overused, and their program experience is always delightful.

An experienced customer advocacy marketing agency:

  • Recognizes the potential in advocates
  • Engages and inspires them to act through product reviews, blog posts, social media promotions, etc.
  • Shapes your brand’s online presence
  • Shortens the client acquisition funnel
  • Improves client retention
  • Helps craft your brand’s digital story by bringing the valuable opinion of your customers to the forefront of your marketing strategy

A customer advocacy marketing agency can address internal requests related to program monitoring, spotting detractors among customers as well as helping put together an action plan that addresses challenges and supports your long-term customer advocacy strategy.

Besides that, a customer advocacy marketing agency can help you resolve unforeseen issues related to the transition of the program and its ownership when employees leave your organization. An agency’s job also extends to taking a proactive outreach to potential advocates who might need to be mobilized as well as providing them with the tools and incentives for creating meaningful content.

Key takeaways on how a customer advocacy marketing agency meets expectations:

  • Analytics help design a custom reward system that meets advocates’ interests and expectations.
  • The potential impact a detractor can have on a brand’s reputation makes the job of a customer advocacy marketing agency even more important in addressing bottlenecks.
  • An agency engages with customers and advocates by working across specific software platforms which ensure proper support, collaborative functions and that challenges are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Through a community engagement software and an experienced customer advocacy marketing agency you can access many clients willing to champion your brand, so you can focus on your core business while keeping you sales pipeline full.

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How a Customer Advocacy Marketing Agency Meets Expectations

Customer advocacy marketing agencies and consultants use specialized software to help you discover, nurture, and mobilize advocates, that they have either licensed in-house or that your organization has access to, to audit customer advocates by methods like tracking the number of activities each advocate is involved in, and by cataloguing all your content so as to trace touchpoints and create new content as required.

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