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How can I get awesome customer testimonials?

Testimonials are a great way to showcase your brand’s reputation and user-friendliness. They are easy to relate to and are presented in a manner that stays authentic to the customer’s voice.

If you simply ask them to give a testimonial your customers will have a million questions:

  • What’s a good word to describe the product impact?
  • What experiences should I emphasize on?
  • How should I frame my initial challenges and not look unprofessional?
  • Which aspects of my journey need highlighting?

Empower your advocates to create attractive content by making your (or our) writers and marketers available to help with messaging. Get a journalist to dig for gems in the customer story, polish it and align it with the greater brand voice. Customer find it easier to approve than to compose. Once you have a flawless quote you can use it on your website, inside product brochures, on advertising collateral at events, and more.

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In the 21st century, growth means setting yourself apart, where countless others are jostling for elbow space – this is true whether you are an individual professional, a startup looking for funding, or a well-loved consumer brand in the market. This is where customer advocacy can help your brand.

What is customer advocacy social posting?

Sometimes your customer advocate is willing to give your brand a shout-out on their social media or some other public platform, but maybe they don’t really know what to say. Maybe they need a little help with the hashtags you use or with finding the exact wording that will communicate your brand story authentically.

How Customer Advocates Help Prospects?

Asking a customer to take a reference call or visit is awkward for most sales and marketing professionals. After all, you’re asking a paying customer to do you a favor, right? Well yes, to some extent, but very often they would gladly help you. A reference is not a favor, it is a win-win. And advocates have their share of benefits from being in your program.

Hungry for customer advocacy marketing knowledge?

Browse through our resources library to learn about inbound recruitment, automating engagement tasks, getting internal buy-in, setting program goals and everything else you need to know to recruit, nurture and engage customer advocates.

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