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How To Attract Customer Advocates At Scale?

Attracting advocates might seem complicated or something that requires constant effort. Many advocacy program managers spend countless hours reaching out to customers 1-to-1 (directly or through account teams) to recruit them for content creation, community engagement, product feedback, beta programs, social sharing, or marketing event.

 Think about all the great brands out there today. What they all have in common is great customer service. If you do things for the right reasons, fans and advocates will follow. 

Here are a few steps that can help you implement the inbound methodology into your advocates recruitment flows: 

  • Create program content they can consume anywhere: explainer videos, responsive landing pages, targeted ads.
  • Educate them on program benefits; many advocates see their involvement as “a favor to the vendor” and fail to profit off of your content to successfully showcase their brand as well as their personal achievements within the organization. Help them see what’s in it for them. 
  • Help them find your program page faster by linking it on the main website, in key steps of their customer on-boarding, and in successful support interactions.
  • Nurture their curiosity with success stories from other advocates that shine.
  • Make it easy for them to self-enroll in the program with forms and calls to action.

Check out our inbound campaign checklist for step-by-step instructions on how to run an inbound recruitment campaign.

As in any other inbound process, the key elements to attracting customer advocates are: 

  • Consistency in putting out content that educates and brings value 
  • A genuine interest in people and improving their lives 
  • Respect for their time and desired level of involvement 

Empathy can get you a long way too. 

Key takeaways on how to attract customer advocates at scale:

  • Customer advocacy marketing comes naturally if you focus on crafting memorable products and experiences that genuinely help people and serve society. 
  • Respect your advocate’s time and schedules by making the enrollment process as straightforward as possible and adopting an inbound recruiting process.
  • You will never have to chase advocates to support your brand if you over-deliver on service and product quality, constantly educate them, and keep them in the loop with new features and updates so they feel compelled to return the favor.
  • Always focus on delivering the best possible service/products for your market, you cannot fail if you show genuine interest in improving people’s lives and advocates will soon follow.
  • Promote a customer-centric culture in your company because it’s important for every stakeholder to know that your mission is to offer great customer experience every step of the way.

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Hungry for customer advocacy marketing knowledge?

Browse through our resources library to learn about inbound recruitment, automating engagement tasks, getting internal buy-in, setting program goals and everything else you need to know to recruit, nurture and engage customer advocates.

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