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Should I create advocacy blog posts, case studies or success stories?

The “customer success story” also known as case study, is the most common asset in advocacy marketing programs. This 1-2 pages story typically describes the customer journey from discovering their organization had a challenge to how they solved that challenge with the help of your solution. 

Prospective customers that land on your website can typically download or read quite a few of these in your evidence section.

There are two problems we typically see around the web with this type of asset

  • Very often the stories are very little about the customer and very much about the brand. They are so full of brand messaging and marketing talk that anyone can see these were written by the business, not by the advocate
  • And very often, especially in B2B, these stories are all about products enabling businesses to function. Sterile and unrelatable. They talk about productivity, efficiency, cost reduction. But not about the humans involved in those stories, their day to day challenges, their effort, their work frustrations, their joy to succeed.

Blogs have a more personal style. And even if they are long and tell a story, blogs sound human. You can even publish an author, a real person.

Of course, we don’t advise burdening your customers with writing 2000 words of content unless they really enjoy it. You can offer an interviewer and a ghost writer to help them. But we advise to keep stories persona and human so your visitor can trust them and relate to them.

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