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The Power of Social Media in Customer Advocacy

The days of pitching the company’s products and services directly to customers are long gone. Today, brands are promoting customer experiences and success stories rather than just products or services. And social media is gaining traction as the best instrument for it.

Customer advocates use social media to boost your brand’s image and online presence. They support your product development, marketing efforts and overall business strategy with feedback, polls, and surveys. They can create buzz around a new feature launch, a big corporate event or even a small user group gathering.

But aside from its obvious use to push new content, make announcements and showcase accomplishments, the true value of social media stems from having customers organically advocate for your brand without your contribution.

Social media can also be a great tool for:

  • Offering prospects and customers the chance to interact in an authentic way with their favorite brands
  • Triggering positive conversations
  • Engaging with loyal brand fans
  • Spotting rising advocacy stars
  • Rewarding the most active followers

A well-crafted customer advocacy marketing program leverages customer’s relationships by inviting the happiest of them to join the brand’s social media community and be part of creating viral success stories. It also encourages advocates to engage with published content by liking, commenting on, and sharing posts they relate to.

With customer expectations at an all-time high it’s vital to nurture the relationship you have with your advocates and show your appreciation for them. You can use tracking systems to identify who is sharing your content and thank your advocates or tag them when they’ve completed a certain action on your behalf, e.g. shared a piece of content, participated in your groups, or engaged in a positive way that helped position your brand above the competition. AI enhanced crawlers are smart enough to understand that social engagement is proof of content quality. In recent years, however, the focus has shifted towards a more familiar approach with posts from friends and family dominating over any other type of content.

Therefore, it is wise for your brand to embrace customer advocacy social sharing as a trusted tool and integrate it into your marketing strategies to stand out from the crowd. This helps drive awareness and increase the brand’s visibility, indirectly promoting the company’s portfolio of products and services with the help of your customers.

According to a study published by Retaildive, millennials and Gen Z, the younger generations born after 1980 and 1990, are most influenced by social media and customer stories when making a purchase decision. And the number of social media users continues to grow, according to a 2019 report published by Hootsuite about the global state of digital. Reaching 3.48 billion people worldwide and turning social media into the best channel for your customer advocacy marketing efforts.

Key takeaways about the power of social media in customer advocacy:

  • A social media customer advocacy program allows fans to share thoughts in an authentic way.
  • Social media has become the #1 spot for brands to connect to their audiences and for marketers to make decisions based on the data provided by these platforms.
  • Social media is a force that can amplify your brand’s voice, engage people who are thousands of miles away, and spark conversations that can help influence potential customers’ purchasing decision.

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The Power of Social Media in Customer Advocacy

While it is primarily used to push content, social media has other powerful uses as well. Customer advocates boost your brand with positive conversations about your products and services. They support your development with feedback to polls and survey you put out. And they can create buzz around a feature launch, a big corporate event or even a small user group gathering.

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