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What is a return on investment (ROI) study?

A return on investment (ROI) study is the longest document that a brand will make based off the customer’s journey. It is a piece of content that describes clear customer results and metrics. You need this type of asset especially in the final stages of a sales, when the emotional brain has already decided to buy but needs some numbers to justify that decision to colleagues and management.

The ROI study can be about one customer or more, but it must contain metrics that compare investment gains directly with investment costs. It can address key challenges in a vertical and exemplify with numbers how those challenges are addressed. We recommend keeping these assets as visual as possible. Include graphics and comparisons

Examples of hard business data you could capture in a ROI study:

  • COSTS: operating costs, education costs, production costs, participation costs, cost per employee
  • TIME: length of production cycle, processing time, equipment downtime, overtime, response time
  • QUALITY: failure rates, waste, rejects, error rates, rework required, product defects

Examples of soft metrics you could capture in a ROI study:

  • LEADERSHIP: teamwork, collaboration, networking, communication, partnerships
  • INNOVATION: creativity, suggestions, trademarks, patents
  • REPUTATION: impressions, clicks, likes, comments, awards
  • CLIENT SERVICE: complaints, satisfaction rates, retention rates, lifetime client value, attrition

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