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What Is Customer Advocacy Marketing?

Customer Advocacy Marketing (CAM) is a discipline focused on bringing in new business and promoting a company’s products and services through the declared satisfaction of happy and loyal customers: also known as advocates, fans, evangelists, or references.

Some marketers use alternative terminologies, such as customer reference marketing, customer testimonial marketing, customer evidence marketing, customer engagement marketing or customer review marketing. Depending on their career journey and where the program sits in their company.

But regardless of terminology, the goal of customer advocacy marketing is to create an engaged community of product users and empower them to talk about their positive experiences in content and social media, or directly with prospects, analysts and reporters. It’s all about giving a voice to your happy customers; then capturing that voice through engaging programs and reflecting it in marketing content and referencing activities—such as case studies, infographics, reviews, webinars, blog posts, events. This leads to increased brand awareness, more leads and referrals to your sales team, and faster business growth.

To start discovering, nurturing, and mobilizing your customers into becoming the brand advocates you deserve, walk a mile in their shoes. What would you like to see if you would advocate for a favorite brand? Swag? Access to execs? Networking? Status? A seat in the spotlight? Focus on offering them something valuable in return for their prized participation and treat them with the familiarity and care you would a member of your team.

A robust customer advocacy marketing program will:

  • Align with the customer journey throughout different stages of their product adoption
  • Leverage the advocate’s first-hand experience with your products or services
  • Accelerate customer on-boarding with community support and sharing best practices
  • Generate referrals and help your sales team reduce lead generation costs
  • Enable your marketing team to increase brand awareness and event attendance
  • Support product development with feature and release beta testing and feedback

Customers will thus feel more than “a face in the crowd” for your company. They will feel valued and engaged and that’s what makes for rock star brand advocates.

Key takeaways about customer advocacy marketing:

  • Customer advocacy marketing captures the positive experience that customers have with your products or services and allows them to share it through branded content, communities, social. 
  • The purpose of customer advocacy marketing is to:
    • Empower happy customers to become brand supporters and advocates
    • Share their success story with the marketplace to boost your brand 
    • Provide evidence of excellent products and services to prospective buyers
    • Collect customer feedback to power your sales, marketing, service, and product teams.
  • Customer advocacy marketing is a win-win collaboration that creates an engaging environment for your advocates. It encourages them to offer their honest, relevant and valuable feedback and to create content.

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