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What is customer advocacy social posting?

Sometimes your customer advocate is willing to give your brand a shout-out on their social media or some other public platform, but maybe they don’t really know what to say. Maybe they need a little help with the hashtags you use or with finding the exact wording that will communicate your brand story authentically.

This type of content is composed of short messages that you disseminate to your brand advocates helping them spread the right message when they share a product datasheet, a new blog post or other content created by your marketing team.

As a customer advocacy marketing agency, we will help you craft creative, fresh content or templates that you can share with your customer advocates, and they can share it as their own. This sets their message apart from the generic content available on your social media for everybody to share, while still echoing the brand’s ethos.

This content can include text, graphics, videos, gifs etc. It is crafted and disseminated, so that there is consistency in the brand voice, instead of thousands of disparate messages based on your customers’ individual understanding of a brand asset.

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What is the best performing content?

The “customer success story” also known as case study, is the most common asset in advocacy marketing programs. This 1-2 pages story typically describes the customer journey from discovering their organization had a challenge to how they solved that challenge with the help of your solution.

What Is Customer Advocacy Marketing?

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Are press releases customer advocacy content?

The customer is as important as any other business partner for a brand, and this partnership requires a special announcement to the rest of the world. Writing a press release to announce the signing of a new customer contract is a great way to make the customer feel unique and appreciated.

Hungry for customer advocacy marketing knowledge?

Browse through our resources library to learn about inbound recruitment, automating engagement tasks, getting internal buy-in, setting program goals and everything else you need to know to recruit, nurture and engage customer advocates.

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