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What Services Does a Customer Advocacy Marketing Agency Offer?

From helping organizations identify and recruit satisfied customers, supporting their overall marketing efforts and serving as a strategic advisor, the services offered by a customer advocacy marketing agency are a valuable asset for companies looking to gain competitive advantage and capitalize on the customer advocacy marketing trend.

A customer advocacy marketing agency can help you make the process of finding new clients easier by attracting an immense pool of advocates who are eager to promote the brand on your behalf. From their testimonials, feedback, and reviews an agency sources necessary marketing content and launches campaigns that position your products and services as industry leaders providing value to potential customers. A customer advocacy marketing agency sheds light on how to use your advocates’ stories and publish them via dedicated platforms. This requires a cross-functional effort that touches most aspects of the business and prioritizes your customer’s best interests.

At Advocacy Maven, in order to offer our customers a fail proof customer advocacy marketing program that yields the expected results, we follow a proven to work strategic road map that includes:

  • Customer engagement: we reach out to customers that were nominated by your account teams, educate them on the advocacy program, talk to them about the benefits derived from their participation, and agree with them on a content plan they would like to be a part of.
  • Customer evidence: we schedule interviews with the customers who have agreed to participate in our customer advocacy marketing program, get their perspective and feedback, then transform it into a relevant success story in the form of a blog, case study, video, graphic design or some other piece of engaging content.
  • Reference fulfillment: we keep a list of your customer advocates, content and activities they are involved in, and respond to internal reference requests. This means that whenever your sales team needs a reference for a prospect call, your marketing department needs a speaker for an event, or your product team needs a beta tester for your latest product features, our agency will find the right advocates without burdening those who are already overinvolved.
  • Data analytics and strategy: we capture data about all aspects of your customer advocacy marketing program from number of customers, activities they participated in, content created, the usefulness of those actions, to the average value of your sales deals and how they are affected by references, and more. We share those insights with you in the form of a comprehensive reports, visuals, and forecasts to help you get an in-depth perspective of the results and take your program to the next level.
  • Employee training: since customer advocacy marketing is a fairly new discipline even for marketing veterans, Advocacy Maven offers all-inclusive training and support needed for your team to get acquainted with the software, approach, and skills required to launch and manage a successful customer advocacy marketing program.

Key takeaways on what services a customer advocacy marketing agency offers:

  • A customer advocacy marketing agency helps you identify, recruit, engage and inspire advocates to create and publish relevant stories on your behalf.
  • A customer advocacy marketing agency can enable you to exponentially increase referrals, leads and sales by relying on a small number of customer advocates to further recommend your products and services.
  • A customer advocacy marketing agency leverages its specific set of skills and knowledge to identify brand advocates and equip your happiest customers with the right tools and mindset, integrating them into your demand-generation, product development, and content marketing strategy.

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