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Why Advocates Should Work With an Advocacy Marketing Agency

For organizations, the benefits of working with a customer advocacy marketing agency are quite straightforward. They are impacting a company’s business model, culture, skill set, and knowledge base. An agency knows very well how to interact with customers on your behalf to get the best ROI.

By leveraging its experience and time-tested strategies to identify your most enthusiastic and astute customers, an agency can forever change your organization’s sales, marketing, and product development strategies. It’s a low-cost option for generating new business that opens your brand to new opportunities by increasing and diversifying your customer portfolio without seeming intrusive.

The best customer advocacy marketing agencies are like a Hollywood-league talent finder, in our case representing technology rock stars. These agencies go above and beyond to help set up an effective advocacy program and create content that sticks in the audience’s minds. But what do advocates get in exchange for that?

It can also teach advocates how to advance their careers. While climbing the professional ladder keeps them engaged and motivated, you get more business.

The benefits that advocates can reap from working with a customer advocacy marketing agency include:

  • Creating a professional brand for themselves, boosting their online presence and authority in their field.
  • Having a front-row seat to their favorite brand’s growth and aligning their professional values to those of the brand they endorse.
  • Taking part in the brand’s demand generation and content marketing strategy, creating great professional opportunities.
  • Having the opportunity to become trusted advisors for great products helps them achieve their personal goals.

And that’s not all. With professional support, advocates convey their unique experiences in content that leaves a positive mark on the industry. Knowing how to keep your advocates happy and motivated requires prior customer knowledge, that’s why teaming up with an advocacy agency and turning their motivation into fact-based insights can help nurture quality relationships and develop greater customer-brand alignment.

Choosing to work with a Customer Advocacy Marketing Agency, advocates support the creation and delivery of customer value while learning advanced marketing skills that will prove useful especially when used in their brands’ best interest. In this collaboration, advocates learn how to:

  • Integrate new marketing techniques into their own customer experience.
  • Create and engage communities.
  • Craft unique, supportive environments for customers to become involved with their brand.

So, working with Advocacy Maven on marketing and communication principles, customer support and customer advocacy, might also help advocates achieve more authentic working relationships with their peers and clients. Think about it this way – no rock star or celebrity ever flies solo. They have an agent who represents their interests, goes to events, finds them the best gigs and amplifies their popularity through various tactics. They also have a personal wellness team: a chef, a fitness trainer, a makeup artist. That’s the role our mavens play for your advocates.

To be honest, our cooking, fitness and makeup skills aren’t that great. But we can successfully represent your clients’ best interests when advocates join your customer references program. We make sure that you and your brand shine through all the content we create and that advocates get the best opportunities to advance their careers as well as achieve personal goals.

Key takeaways:

  • A customer advocacy marketing agency can develop a program that motivates your advocates to promote your services in the online environment where your buyers are searching for product reviews.
  • Advocates can help create and increase the quality of your content that emphasizes your dedication to building great products and offer great services.
  • If you don’t know how to bring advocates on board, a dedicated advocacy agency can create an ideal brand advocate persona and a custom inbound strategy that makes the process less intrusive and more transparent for your advocates.

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