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Why do I need a customer advocacy solution deck?

Public customer advocacy statements are cool. Your sales team loves them and would love to use as many as possible in sales decks and in response to RFPs. So, they spend precious time scouring the customer evidence section on your website to gather quotes and business case info and put that into a slide.

But according to a new study of more than 720 reps (including in-depth interviews with more than a dozen) proves that salespeople are spending the majority of their time on activities other than sales. You don’t want customer evidence to be a time stealer but an enabler for your sales force.

Plus, very often, you customer advocates have approved the use of created content only in the format they have seen. Your sales team converting that into a different format could get you into legal trouble.

Use your customer advocacy marketing program to empower sales. Create the right type of content. For sales reps, that means PowerPoint slides. Create them at the same time with other content you advocate needs to approve to minimize their effort. A typical slide should contain a problem statement, a summary of the solution your customer purchased to address the problem, the benefits they achieved, and a brief quote. Don’t forget to add the advocate’s industry, size, and geography. These will make your prospect identify better with their success.

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While it is primarily used to push content, social media has other powerful uses as well. Customer advocates boost your brand with positive conversations about your products and services. They support your development with feedback to polls and survey you put out. And they can create buzz around a feature launch, a big corporate event or even a small user group gathering.

Why Is Customer Advocacy Marketing So Effective?

In the 21st century, growth means setting yourself apart, where countless others are jostling for elbow space – this is true whether you are an individual professional, a startup looking for funding, or a well-loved consumer brand in the market. This is where customer advocacy can help your brand.

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Brand advocates don’t come easy. It takes commitment to customer experience. It also takes a team of engagement specialists to recruit advocates and keep the communication flowing between them and your brand. But, if you take the time to develop a customer advocacy marketing program, you will certainly reap a lot of rewards.

Hungry for customer advocacy marketing knowledge?

Browse through our resources library to learn about inbound recruitment, automating engagement tasks, getting internal buy-in, setting program goals and everything else you need to know to recruit, nurture and engage customer advocates.

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