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Why is Customer Advocacy Marketing So Effective?

In today’s social and interconnected world, customers’ thought process plays a vital role in marketing, especially customer advocacy marketing where there’s an even deeper emotional connection between the customer and a brand. 

Prospective buyers trust the word of other existing customers more than that of the advertisers, any brand message or ad. 

This has been proven time and time again by the data published by various advertising research publications, including the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising survey, and other studies, data analytics released by McKinsey and, Forrester. 

Asking for a personal recommendation of a product or service from a friend or family member is perhaps the oldest form of customer advocacy. 

It is a very powerful yet fast way of weighting your options, cutting through the marketing noise and making the right purchase decision regarding a product or service. 

Any brand that wants to leverage customer advocacy in their marketing should ensure excellent quality for products and services and great customer experience first and foremost. 

While not every customer will become an advocate, it’s important to: 

  • Focus on quality relationships 
  • Make them feel valued as the pillars of your brand that they are 
  • Try to be involved in their experience 
  • Keep pace with their expectations 
  • Put in the necessary effort to nurture those happy customers 

According to Psychology Today, we are “wired to connect” as well as because: 

  • We are primed to want to be like our peers and belong in a community 
  • We inherited a desire to add value to the people around us
  • We want to be promoters of civic and social values and build more relationships 
  • We are hard wired to align our opinions and gestures with those of people we know, like. and empathize with 
  • Our emotional side plays a fundamental role in shaping what we think and the actions we take 

It turns out that when faced with multiple choices, we will always go with the product or service that has more fans as opposed to the one that has just a few. And it’s our human nature to “follow the wisdom of the crowd” as a survival strategy and confirmation that the decision was the right one to make. 

These powerful physiological and evolutionary traits are especially effective in B2B scenarios where nearly 20% to 50% alpurchasing decisions are driven by word-of-mouth endorsements.  

Advocates are unpaid promoters who deliver messages to influence their network and peers regularly. A loyal base of customer advocates who personally use your products and services will always serve as an authentic third-party authority and inspiration source to a potential customer. 

By concentrating a small amount of effort and small investment towards nurturing and incentivizing current customer advocates, not only will your advocates attract future advocates, but also increase your brand’s sales power exponentially. 

According to Influitive, a 12% increase in customer advocacy can translate into a 2x growth in revenue, which highlights why customer advocacy marketing is worth pursuing. 

Key takeaways on why customer advocacy marketing is so effective:

  • Customers are inclined to rely and trust more the word of fellow customers. 
  • Getting a personal recommendation of a product or service from a friend or family member is a lot more influential than any generic advertisement, sales pitch, or marketing campaign.
  • Customer advocacy is a secret weapon that can generate twice as much growth and revenue by tapping into what customers already think about your brand and products.  

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