Generally, the role of a marketing agency is to put a brand, its products and services at the center of its target audience with the purpose of gaining awareness and driving more sales.

The Brand Advocacy Marketing niche inside the large pool of agencies aims to turn customers into advocates and amplify the brand’s reach potential through social media. These agencies support organizations in building better products and innovating by making the most out of their customers’ feedback.

By conducting thorough market research and customer journeys, creating, and executing a robust marketing strategy, companies can leverage the power of their fans and social media influencers to attract more like-minded customers and drive awareness to their brand. Also, by channeling all marketing efforts into creating a community of happy customers will increase the level of customer satisfaction and overall brand trust as well as the quality of the established relationships.

At Advocacy Maven, our main goal is to help you recruit customers...

...who are delighted with your brand’s products and services and support them in finding their unique advocacy customer voice. And we do that in 30 languages, globally! Our suite of services empowers organizations and their advocates to achieve the reputation they strive for while establishing thought leadership within their community.

Advocates are the unseen driving force behind your sales efforts that give your field reps the confidence and credibility they need – through customer testimonials, use cases, and great content – to approach new customers and close deals faster.

A brand advocacy marketing agency puts your organizations at the center of your target market, allowing you to reach your true potential and give future potential customers access to a large network of advocates happy to offer their support and contribution. Brand advocacy marketing is the backbone of any business, concerning every department of your organization.

By creating a straightforward and honest communication route with your customers, turning that spark into a tangible and useful piece of content and communicating that message through the relevant media channels, a brand advocacy marketing agency can help your business grow organically.  In fact, according to research, as little as a 12% increase in advocacy can double revenue growth, which makes a brand advocacy marketing agency worth considering.

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