In today’s overcrowded business landscape, brand advocacy should be at the heart of all your marketing efforts. Especially, if you want to make sure you are delivering quality products and building a memorable brand.

It’s important to stay at the top of your game and protect your brand as the world demands nothing less than extraordinary products or services and the Internet became the go-to place for researching products before making a purchase decision.

This high level of access to information and globalization has made brand advocacy marketing the most valuable yet cost-effective type of marketing you can employ for your organization. While the first step towards creating memorable products is identifying your advocates and understanding their journey and reaching out to them for feedback, what needs to follow after is a well-thought-out brand advocacy marketing strategy to keep your advocates engaged and inspired.

By empowering your most loyal and passionate customers to speak about their positive experiences with your products and offering them something in return, you create a circle of trust that you can subsequently leverage as a result. From identifying advocates and laying out the groundwork for the best advocate program for your company, to creating and delivering keyword-rich user-generated content, a customer advocacy marketing agency is a modern-day solution to boost your brand’s digital presence and reduce the cost of paid advertising.

If you are already implementing such a program as a primary driver of repeat business, then a customer advocacy marketing agency can help accelerate new and existing advocate engagement efforts with a proven to work strategy and scalable processes. Experienced customer marketers can infuse fresh ideas into your initiatives, introduce you to a pioneering engagement software and advise you on evolving industry trends.  

Other benefits of working with a customer advocacy marketing agency include:

  • Marketing services with a high ROI. By leveraging a marketing agency, your organization can gain access to a pool of marketers, writers, editors, designers, and video producers. A team of professionals is available to support your brand’s goals and initiatives with high-quality user-generated content that can deliver more value to your business and buyers than paid ads do.
  • Time-efficient results. A marketing agency is specialized in crafting customer advocacy programs, using the latest marketing software, applying the best industry practices, following relevant trends and delivering high-quality content. Having experts come together as an extension of your in-house team can help streamline your customer advocacy marketing flows. They can also help brainstorm fresh ideas and leverage tried efforts in support of your campaigns instead of wasting valuable time trying to figure out what works best.
  • Experts to complement your skills.An experienced customer advocacy marketing agency has many years of expertise behind their back, relevant to your industry or niche. A professional network of copywriters, designers, social media managers, graphics and video producers as well as data analytics professionals are ready to work as one to support your global program. This grants you more time for your organization to focus on other business and time-critical tasks while leaving customer advocacy in good hands.
  • Proactive, communicative, and responsive approach.Many digital marketing agencies specialized in customer advocacy are constantly working on refining their processes to meet the goals of their customers and advocates. You should always maintain an active community of advocates, stimulating participation, improving engagement, reinforcing brand messaging, and keeping an open line of communication with customers.

At Advocacy Maven, we believe we can add value to your efforts through building a customer advocacy program and: