Testimonials are a great way to showcase your brand’s reputation and user-friendliness. They are easy to relate to and are presented in a manner that stays authentic to the customer’s voice.

If you simply ask them to give a testimonial your customers will have a million questions:

  • What’s a good word to describe the product impact?
  • What experiences should I emphasize on?
  • How should I frame my initial challenges and not look unprofessional?
  • Which aspects of my journey need highlighting?

Empower your advocates to create attractive content by making your (or our) writers and marketers available to help with messaging. Get a journalist to dig for gems in the customer story, polish it and align it with the greater brand voice. Customer find it easier to approve than to compose. Once you have a flawless quote you can use it on your website, inside product brochures, on advertising collateral at events, and more.

Key takeaways: on customer testimonials

Customer advocacy marketing