In the 21st century, growth means setting yourself apart, where countless others are jostling for elbow space – this is true whether you are an individual professional, a start-up looking for funding, or a well-loved brand in the market.

Customers are not outside of your brand, but at the front and center of your business. When you see them this way, you can leverage their power, influence, and insight, through Advocacy Marketing, instead of simply targeting them for sales. With 90% of customers reading an online review before visiting a business, quality has become the key differentiation for today’s demanding and educated buyers.

Customers are not willing to compromise on quality anymore. They want to know more about the brand and its reputation before acquiring any product or service.  This is something we call Yelpification. A phenomenon that got its name from the review platform Yelp where people go to find out peer to peer reviews about their brands of choice.

We live in a world of abundant information and overflowing ads. Interested prospects have easy access to datasheets, feature lists, use cases, and reviews without interacting at all with your team or sometimes even your website. They have several customer touchpoints to find your product. They see how it works in a YouTube demo, they hear from existing users in review sites and forums. The higher the price tag is for a given product or service, the more research is needed to justify the investment. We all take our buying habits from home to work and as purchasers for our line of business, we research the same way.

Your advocates are your extension

If you have a great product or service to offer, it’s imperative you start thinking of your customers as an extension of your team; a secret weapon that will help you improve product quality, maximize your marketing investment, and fuel new business opportunities.

Brands that tap into their customer advocates learn directly from them how to design and deliver user-friendly, accessible, and delightful products. This naturally drives growth and helps move toward a win-win situation for all.

Key takeaways: on how customer advocacy marketing drives business growth

Unlike traditional intrusive marketing strategies, customer feedback weighs more in the eyes of prospects and future clients.

Satisfied customers who interact with your product every day always offer better solutions by listening to their feedback than your marketing team could ever brainstorm.

Capturing and making use of the customers’ experiences is an easy and inexpensive method to power up your sales, marketing and product innovation.