Advocacy Marketing is a powerful strategy that centers on leveraging the positive experiences and endorsements of your satisfied customers, engaged employees, trusted partners, and active contributors. This approach aims to generate new business and promote your company's products and services through the authentic word-of-mouth.

A variety of programs can fall under the umbrella of advocacy marketing, such as:

  • Customer reference programs
  • Customer reviews and referrals
  • Customer advisory boards
  • Analyst and press relations
  • Employee advocacy
  • Partner advocate engagement
  • And more.

Regardless of audience, the goal of advocacy marketing is to build a community of passionate advocates and empower them to share their support for your brand with the world. This can be done through various channels such as social media, corporate website, private blogs, review sites, or through direct interactions with prospects, analysts, and journalists. The objective is to give a voice to satisfied customers / partners / employees and showcase the positive experiences they have had with your company, products, or services. By effectively telling these stories, you can create a positive impact on your market and drive sales or recruit better talent.

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