Advocacy marketing (also known as a brand advocacy program) is a marketing strategy that focuses on identifying your satisfied customers, engaged employees, trusted partners, and active contributors—such as developers, advisers, alumni, or donors. Customer Advocacy Marketing (CAM) focuses on bringing in new business and promoting your company’s products and services through the declared satisfaction of happy and loyal customers.

There are many alternative terminologies used, such as customer reference marketing, customer engagement marketing or customer review marketing or so on. Depending on where the program sits in a company the name has been adapted. 

But regardless of terminology, the goal of brand advocacy marketing is to create an engaged community of different types of advocates and empower them to talk about their positive experiences through content in social media, or directly to prospects, analysts and reporters. It’s all about giving a voice to your happy customers and capture the positive experience your advocates have with your company, products, or services, and story-tell it in ways that can create market and selling impact.

What can Advocacy Marketing do for you?

A program to boost your brand reach and business outcomes. Your advocacy marketing efforts should be built on your brand’s ability to deliver high-quality products and services as well as excelent lifecycle experiences, and on building strong win-win relationships within your community.

To start discovering, nurturing, and mobilizing your customers into becoming the brand advocates you deserve, first you try walking a mile in their shoes and ask yourself questions such as “What would you like to see if you would advocate for a favorite brand? Swag? Access to execs? Networking? Status? A seat in the spotlight?”. You need to focus on offering them something valuable in return for their prized participation. For this part we recommend using as many gamification elements as required with familiar, caring messaging.

A robust brand advocacy marketing program will help you:

Your advocates will start feeling more than “a face in the crowd” for your company! You will have the tools to make them feel valued and engaged and that’s what makes brand advocates turn into champions for your company.

Key takeaways: on customer advocacy marketing

Customer advocacy marketing captures the positive experience that customers have with your products or services and allows them to share it through branded content, communities, social. 

The purpose of customer advocacy marketing is to: 

  • Empower happy customers to become brand supporters and advocates
  • Share their success story with the marketplace to boost your brand 
  • Provide evidence of excellent products and services to prospective buyers
  • Collect customer feedback to power your sales, marketing, service, and product teams.

Customer advocacy marketing is a win-win collaboration that creates an engaging environment for your advocates. It encourages them to offer their honest, relevant and valuable feedback and to create relevant content.