The days of pitching the company’s products and services to customers are long gone. Today, brands promote the success stories of their products and services. And you guessed it well, the best instrument to gain traction is social media!

Customer advocates use social media to boost a brand’s image and online presence. They support your product development, marketing efforts and business strategy by offering feedback. They can even create buzz around your activities. It can be a new feature launch, a big corporate event or even a small user group gathering. Customer advocates, are a real asset for your business, if well nurtured and mobilized. It all begins with developing a long-lasting relationship.   

A great tool to do that is social media. Here are some of the activities we recommend:

With customer expectations at an all-time high we focus more on the relationship with advocates. We use nurturing activities and we show them our appreciation for each ask they do.

According to a study published by Retaildive, millennials and Gen Z, the younger generations born after 1980 and 1990, are most influenced by social media and customer stories when making a purchase decision. And the number of social media users continues to grow turning social media into the best channel for your customer advocacy marketing efforts.

A well-crafted advocacy marketing program leverages the benefits of relationship and social presence. By inviting the happiest customers and partners to join your brand’s social media community and talk about their success stories This way, advocates naturally engage with your content through likes, comments, and shares of posts they relate to.

You can stand out from the crowd by embracing advocacy marketing. You can do that using social sharing as a trusted tool for your overall marketing strategies. With your advocates (customers, influencers, partners, employees and more), you will drive awareness and increase your brand’s visibility. At the same time, you will promote the company’s portfolio of products and services.

Key takeaways: the power of social media in customer advocacy

A customer advocacy program linked to social media allows fans to share their experience in an authentic way and be rewarded for it.
Social media has become the #1 spot for brands to connect to their audiences. And for marketers to make decisions based on the data provided by these platforms.
Social media is a force that can amplify your brand’s voice. As a marketer you can engage people who are thousands of miles away. And the conversations that spark can help influence potential customers’ purchasing decision.