Customer advocates are clients motivated by great products, who thrive on sharing those positive experiences with the social group they belong to.

They fuel your brand marketing by actively participating in events and content. They boost your revenue by giving referrals and often nurturing prospects. They improve your product quality with feedback on existing features and suggestions for new ones. They complement your support services by participating in communities and mentoring less mature or dissatisfied customers. 

Despite having to sort through your larger client database to spot them, the process won’t take long since they usually stand out. With an enthusiastic and astute personality, they are best known for:

  • Spreading cheer among their close-knit community
  • Staying up to date with industry news and trends
  • Embracing a helping attitude when needed

Advocates are gold nuggets to your business.

They help you grow and complement your internal team out of delight and enthusiasm. Rewarding their efforts with product discounts or freebies might catch their attention at first. To them, it’s essential to feel useful and gain exclusive access to a brand they love while also building on their social influence. 

An advocate first customer advocacy marketing program:


Communication should also be a key element of your engagement strategy. None of us likes to do things without a resolution in sight. In that same way, it’s important for your customers to know when they were able to help. If they helped you close a sale or bring back a dissatisfied customer, let them know. Whenever the content they help create starts trending, make sure they are aware.

Great content can boost their confidence and help them position themselves as thought leaders within their tribe or stimulate them to ask for a promotion or pursue a new career opportunity. They also become motivated to improve their communication skills, enjoy greater visibility, and exposure within their industry.