Most companies have a dedicated marketing department. They focus on driving brand awareness, promoting products or services, while generating leads for the sales team.

There are great strategies to get the word out in today’s overcrowded marketplace. Research shows that 96% of consumers admit to not trusting advertisements anymore. 

Potential customers are becoming skeptical about self-promotion. They are more likely to trust content shared by their friends, family, or wider social network. Brands who really delight their customers have champions who spread the word on social, forums, or review sites.

Industry leaders and pioneers such as Tesla, Uber, Netflix and Apple made a name for themselves by engaging with their customer base. They set apart from other users of similar products, technologies or services. Their advocates are not merely early adopters, but evangelists within their community. They are keen to educate their network on the benefits of becoming a customer, as well as improve the lives of others.

Advocates are the bedrock of your business and the more honest and open your relationship is with them, the greater the rewards. Authenticity is the number one reason buyers trust your advocates. 

If your brand is passion for your fans, you should support their enthusiasm and encourage them to share their thoughts in the community. Give them a platform, enable their conversations, empower them to provide feedback and content. Be part of their overall experience, but try to keep a low profile in their presence.

Chances are, you will pocket one of the most effective marketing forces of all times! You will shape your product or service customer experience in the best way possible.

Key takeaways: why are customer advocates important

Customer advocates help you create better products. They help take your product to the market, and even improve your company’s culture.
Advocates are loyal to your brand and its values! They also inspire others to adopt this loyalty through their almost infectious, positive energy.
Communication and community are essential for capturing and amplifying their enthusiasm. Good logistics of the community offer the chance to interact with your champions. And direct their positive energy towards the projects and initiatives that matter to you.